Weekly Divisions


The Pro Late Model division has a long history at Delaware Speedway and is one of the fan favourites for its close racing and high speeds. The fastest weekly division at Delaware Speedway, the Late Model Series has seen a new beginning since the resurgence of Pro Late Model racing in the province of Ontario. Powered by 604 crate engines, these cars produce upwards of 450 horsepower and have incredible cornering speeds due to their low centre of gravity, aggressive stance and fine-tuned shock and spring setups.


The Delaware Speedway Super Stock division has seen a large transformation over the past decade from what was formerly known as the Street Stocks, to the muscle car bodied Super Stocks race fans have now come to know. One of the largest series at the track in terms of number of races and drivers in the series, the Super Stocks have become a staple in the weekly show.


The V8 Stock division is one of the newest at Delaware Speedway, however the series has roots dating far back into the track’s history with the Enduro Series, which thrived in the 80’s and 90’s. After the collapse of the Enduro series, the V8 Stock division was born as a weekly series. These full bodied stock cars and trucks have in a way taken over where the Street Stock division was in the 90’s before its evolution to the Super Stocks. In recent years the V8 Stock Series has seen car counts grow to record numbers with more drivers entering from the Bone Stocks.


The Bone Stock division is always exciting and has race fans roaring as they watch. The 4 cylinder cars are stock as they come off of the street, with modifications made for safety and safety only. The division name says it all with these cars that are strictly stock. With well over 50 cars in circulation, feature races usually see 30-40 cars on the track. The drivers in the division are passionate about grassroots racing and give it their all week in and week out. Featuring numerous special events such as the annual Pumpkin Smasher, the Bone Stocks are truly one of a kind.