Tech Report: Robblee & Lawrence Points Penalties

penaltystoryAugust 12, 2013

Tech inspection proved to be a busy place on Friday evening in the Coca-Cola Super Stocks for competition on Friday, August 9.  The tech department reported the following infractions and penalties:

Matt Robblee won the Coca-Cola Super Stock feature race.  In post-race inspection his #51 car was assessed as making use of a non-approved Richmond transmission.  As a result, Robblee was issued a $150.00 fine & 25 point deduction.  An appeal is pending on the penalty.

The victory would have seen Robblee rocket to the top of the championship points standings.  Instead, rookie driver Shae Gemmell (#3) of Dorchester now leads the points for the first time this season.  Robblee still remains in the championship hunt, fourteen points back of the leader.

Also in the Coca-Cola Super Stocks: Kris Lawrence’s #28 car was assessed as failing minimum height requirements.  As a result the driver incurred a $50.00 fine & 5 point deduction.  The team had been informed earlier in the evening that the vehicle was not meeting height requirements but still remained too low by the end of the night.  No appeal was received and the penalty is considered final.