Special Divisions on Friday, Enduro & Chaos on Saturday


A two-day race weekend gets underway this Friday night at Delaware Speedway featuring traveling divisions on Friday, June 21 with the OSCAAR Modifieds and Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup sponsored by Auto Trim Design of London and Tirecraft.  The trucks will also be in competition on Friday night which gets underway at 7:30 pm.  Saturday, June 22 features the GAW Recycling Enduro 100-lap event and the Bone Stock Chaos Cars in a 50-lap race which will also be the debut of the high school challenge vehicles.  Racing on Saturday starts at 7:00 pm.

oscaarmodifiedOn Friday the OSCAAR Open-Wheel Modifieds will bring open-wheel racing to the track for the first time in 2013.  A number of the drivers in cars in the series have their roots at Delaware Speedway since open-wheel mods were a staple of the weekly program two seasons ago.  The division struggled at Delaware and in other isolated tracks around the province before joining together and making the transition into a provincial travelling series.  Since that time the modifieds have gained strength and there have been a number of rules changes including running wider tires on the vehicles which gives them improved cornering and speed around the speedway.  With open-wheel racing enjoying success on the provincial circuit that it was not able to achieve when isolated to individual speedways the arrival of the OSCAAR Modifieds is an event to look forward to.  Watch especially for David McCullough (#39) of Glencoe and Justin DeMelo (#82) of London to aim for a strong showing.  Both drivers bring in a strong home track advantage: McCullough is a champion of Delaware’s GAW Recycling Enduro division and DeMelo runs weekly at the track in the FT Garage Late Models.

Also up on Friday is the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup event.  The race will be a fitting follow up to last weekend’s NASCAR Canadian Tire Series event.  The drivers of the series trace their roots the CASCAR Sportsman series that was closed up when NASCAR purchased the CASCAR sanctioning body in 2006.  With no room in NASCAR to accommodate the local drivers of the CASCAR Sportsman series first formed the OSS (Ontario Sportsman Cup) which later became the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series.  The division has survived and thrived in recent seasons.  The race at Delaware is an important one for many of the drivers.  With Delaware Speedway serving as the home track for CASCAR, the Sportsman Cup race is truly a coming home for these drivers.  Almost half of the drivers in the division got their start at Delaware and in some cases are still active competitors in the weekly divisions.


When the Enduro & Bone Stocks hit the track on Saturday the event will feature a refreshed lineup with some adjustments from the season opener.  The updated format had been set to make its debut at the end of May but was stopped when the event was cancelled because of poor weather.  The adjustments include a tighter distance for the Enduro series, a fifty-lap race for the Bone Stocks, and the Ladies Bone Stock event being run as part of the regular program starting at 7:00 pm.  The event also features the debut of a number of new Bone Stocks which will see some of Delaware’s top drivers behind the wheel in vehicles prepared by students at local high schools.

rmcstudentsThe Entry-level Bone Stock Series will be running fifty laps on Saturday, an increase of five laps over their distance at the season opener.  The division continues to be one of the fastest growing at the track and will grow a bit more on Saturday with the introduction of a number of vehicles prepared by local high schools and driven by some of Delaware’s top Friday-night drivers.  (Students from RMC pictured with their entry at right)

List of Participating Schools and Drivers:

Medway – Kris Lawrence (Super Stock #28)
RMC – Justin Demelo (Late Model #82)
Westminster- Jamie Cox (Late Model #3)
Wheable – Steve Arrand (Enduro / V8 Stock #37)
Thames – Matt Pritiko (Late Model #21)
Park Hill – Shawn Thompson (Late Model #72)

The Bone Stock race will also feature a special “reward” for some of the division’s most successful drivers who have a special skill-testing starting position in the race: the back of the pack.

The GAW Recycling Enduro will be running a 100-lap feature race on Saturday.  At 100 laps the event is tighter in distance than the race run by the division at the season opener.  It is expected the shorter distance will lead to harder racing on the track.  Barry Watson (#45) of West Lorne will be defending his win in the A-Division as Steve Book (#64) of Brantford will be looking for redemption after having what a sure victory snatched from him when his car overheated in the last race.  Tony Rumble (#04) of Blenheim will be defending his victory in the B-Division.

The Ladies Bone Stock races have proven to be a successful way to start the events and will be moved from pre-race into the main program at 7:00 pm.  The Ladies Bone Stock events are designed to increase the number of women participating in racing at the track.  The race provides the opportunity for women to get behind the wheel in a separate competition and are invited to join the Bone Stock Open race later in the evening.

Watch on Saturday for a special “Rockford” competition which will give drivers a chance to showcase some of their skills behind the wheel.   The special competition will see participating drivers drive down the front stretch in reverse then maneuver the vehicle back the right way without losing forward momentum.

Spectator gates for the event open on Saturday at 6:00 pm, racing starts at 7:00 pm.