Entry Level Racing



The Delaware Speedway Bone Stock Series is designed to be a safety conscious, low-cost, fun-level class. If you like thrills, meeting new people, driving cars, and generally having a great time: the Bone Stock Series is for you! Head down to the infield after the events and talk to a Bone Stock driver to learn how and why they got involved.


Read the rules before picking and building your car!  Click Here to read the official rules for the division.


Learn what will happen and where to go when you get to the track and what to do during the race in this helpful driver training video: Click Here to View the Driver Orientation Video


*IMPORTANT NOTE: The rub rail and bumper systems as shown being fabricated in these videos were been removed in the 2012 season and would NOT be legal for competition in the Bone Stock Series.  Consult rulebook for most up to date information.

In addition, cage specifications have been updated since this video was created and now requires a bar to connect the A & B pillars.  A diagram is available in the rule book.  The format of the race has also changed since the videos were recorded and is now a full-speedway racing event.

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Videos prepared by Checkered Flag Media

How do you build one of these?

Take a look at some of the build videos (above) and see for yourself. A mini-series was prepared when the series was launched to help prospective competitors see how it’s done!

How much does a vehicle cost?

The cheapest car in the series is valued at approximately $500. The most expensive car is valued at just over $2,000.  The 2011 championship car was valued at about $1,000.   How cost-effective your build will be will depend on what shape your car is in (ie. if the brake lines are gone, they cost money to replace), how much spare equipment you have, and how good your fabrication skills are. As the division matures, used cars are beginning to become available.

I want to go fast and spend lots of money on my car!  Will you change the rules of this division for me?

No. If you are looking for a new challenge we encourage you to move up to a different division.  It would not be fair for us to change the entry-level division for new competitors.

How many Bone Stock Cars are there?

Today there 70+ vehicles available for competition in the region with more entering competition every race.

Do Bone Stock drivers get paid?

Yes…  If they do well in their race.  You won’t get rich racing in the Bone Stock series, but if you do well in your races you can take home some prizing.