Join the Race Operations Team

Two positions available in Delaware Speedway Race Operations Team

Delaware Speedway is seeking two individuals to fill openings in the Race Operations team  for the 2013 season.

Successful candidates will have a passion for racing complimented with a strong work ethic and ability to be a team player.

They will also need to be able to work all events as per the posted Delaware Speedway schedule and be 18 years of age or older.

Note: this is a special posting for these two racing operations positions only.  Additional information for hiring in other areas of the speedway will be available in the future.

Tech assistant:

This position requires a solid understanding of race car construction and the Delaware Speedway rule books.

As a tech assistant you will be accountable to the lead Tech official for the following:

  • To assist with both pre and post race vehicle inspections
  • To inspect vehicles for compliance to Delaware Speedway Rules
  • Be able to use tech tools as supplied by Delaware Speedway
  • To identify rule compliance issues to the teams and escalate to the lead Tech official as required
  • Be proactive, supportive and a resource in helping the teams meet the rule book requirements and be safe on the track
  • Be courteous and respectful to all teams

Start time will be approximately a half hour before the Pit Gates open.

Pit Road Steward:

This position requires a solid understanding of racing events with respect to pit road activity and the General Rule book.

As Pit Road Steward you will be accountable to Race Control  for the following:

  • To ensure vehicles are lined up correctly on pit road prior to releasing vehicles on to  the track
  • To control the stop and go traffic on pit road
  • Be aware and report to Race Control,  any violations of Delaware Speedway rules on pit road or unsafe conditions on the turn 1 side of the track
  • Be able to update drivers receiving black flags as to what their penalty is as communicated to you from Race Control
  • To be able to quickly visually inspect race vehicles as they enter pit road and  the race track for unsafe situations such as leaking fuel, window nets down, loose wheels, hanging parts etc.
  • To be professional on the race control radio at all times
  • To be courteous and respectful to all teams
  • May also be trained as back up to pace car driver or fill in at the pit gate for access control.

Start time is approximately 30 minutes before practice starts or the race surface goes live.

Both positions pay slightly more than minimum wage.

To be considered for the above positions candidates need to  send their resumes in to prior to Feb 22nd, 2013.