Jim Holland

For most racers, the most important name on their cars are those of their sponsors, but in the case of Jim Holland (#83) of Windsor – a self-sponsored competitor in the FT Garage Late Model division – it’s an individual’s name on the trunk of his car that he was quick to point out.

He spoke about the logo on the rear deck lid of his racer, “We put this on the car as a tribute to Andrew Grenon.  Andrew went to school with my son Jeremy, and lost his life in Afghanistan.  The Americans do so much to honour their military, and in Canada, I think that we can do a better job than we do.  I just wanted to bring a little awareness to it.”

Holland began his racing career at Checkered Flag Speedway in Windsor and after 11 years had raced everything but a Late Model when he packed it in following the 1990 season, but the itch to compete never left, and Holland started racing again last year.

Jim said, “It’s a couple of hours to get here, but we like racing here.  There is a level of professionalism, like being able to see your lap times online.  Back in the day there was nothing like that.  This is also a family affair, and three of my four sons are involved in automotive engineering, so that should be very helpful.”

In addition to the tribute to Grenon, the team also contains support from Holland Benefit Group, Russell A. Farrow Customs Brokerage, and Unique Tool and Gauge.

Holland laughed and added, “It should be an interesting season – I’m a 55-year old rookie.”