Jeremy Reid

Jeremy Reid (#77) of Kerwood, has been a long-time competitor in the Coca-Cola Super Stock, but in 2012 was given opportunity to step into the FT Garage Late Model division, something every Super Stock drivers envies.  The car, with the same familiar red #77, that has carried Dion Verhoeven to a number of Late Model and Super Stock championships over the past 20 years.

The deal came about over the past offseason, and added a new freshman to the Rookie-of-the-Year battle, as Reid explained, “Dion and I were both running part-time because we didn’t have enough help.  Al McRoberts and Dion own the car and Al’s sponsored me for a while, so they asked if I wanted to race the car full-time, and we were able to put three crews together, with enough guys to do one car well.”

While the 37-year old has never been deep into a championship battle in his Super Stock, he won numerous features in a career that first started in the GAW Recycling Enduro class in 2003.  He moved to Super Stock in 2007.

With so many rookies in 2012, the class of the Rookie-of-the-Year field will be deep, but Reid has as much talent and experience as any of them, “Our goals are to finish in the top-five in points, win the Rookie award, just make sure we keep learning, and to give our sponsors value for their investments in us.”

The team is backed by McRoberts Fuels, All-Season Excavating, and Ron O’Brien’s REMAX.

Jeremy Reid