Jaxson Jacobs

Well before Ricky Bobby, Cole Trickle, and Stroker Ace, there was another fictional racer named Brewster Baker who raced short tracks up and down the East coast with a crew of kids that were dubbed ‘The Six-Pack’.

The Jacobs Racing Team has become the Canadian equivalent, as Jaxson Jacobs (#1) of London, has joined his brother competing in the FT Garage Late Model division at Delaware in 2012 for his run at the Rookie-of-the-Year title.

Jacobs started his racing career at eight years old, and has competed in the Delaware Junior Racing League as well as at Grand Bend Speedway in the Junior Late Model and a Mini-Truck for the past 6 years, winning a Junior Late Model crown in 2010.

Jaxon has been involved at Delaware on Friday’s, as a spotter for his brother Marc for the past three season, and spoke about the experience, saying “I think I’ve been able to help him out, because I’ve been a racer as well for years.  I think that spotting for him has also prepared me for racing in the Late Model division.  It’s obviously much different than a Junior car, mostly because this is the first time I’ve ever sat on the left side of a car as opposed to in the middle, but so far it’s gone better than expected.”

The second Late Model in the stable is sponsored by Rocky’s Harley-Davidson, Arctic Cat, and Raymond Brothers Tent and Awnings.  So far, the freshman has been overwhelmed by the support of the other drivers, “I’ve had at least two or three of the other guys come over to me and give me pointers and advice every time I’ve got out of the car.  Just the other day Ron Sheridan came over during practice and helped me out so much.”

As for his spotter, it will be another youngster in his ears on the radio, his sister, 12-year old Paighton, who is a competitor in a Junior Late Model.  Brewster Baker would be proud.