Improved Truck Rules Attract New and Returning Competitors

pietb2013March 30, 2013

Piet Blaauboer is gunning for top spot in the 2013 Demar Aggregates Truck series.  A competitor in both the Demar Aggregates Truck and GAW Recycling Divisons, in a recent visit to his shop Piet expressed what all racers feel at this time of year.  He “just wants to go racing”!

It is this anticipation for the racing season that Delaware Speedway is hoping will catch on with prospective new competitors as it aims to expand its popular Demar Aggregates Truck series.

Piet likes the competition and type of racing that he is involved with at Delaware Speedway.

He started out in the Enduro Division and began racing his #7 truck a few years ago in order to mix things up and enjoy a different type of competition.

While there were a number of rumours circulating about the truck series during the off season, Piet has heard that there is good response to the Truck Division for 2013.  Many new drivers have joined the division in the last few years and although the number of competitors last season was lower than in years past the numbers point to a stronger outlook: in 2012 there were appearances of eighteen different trucks and twenty different drivers.  The track aims to bring back these drivers, along with others who have fallen through the cracks with a three-year rules freeze for the division combined with an improved rules package.

truckracing2012“The Truck Division is an affordable spot to start racing.  We know there are a number of competitive Trucks available at an affordable price for anybody wanting to join the Truck Division,” explains track operations manager Paul Houghton.  “The three year freeze on the truck rules will help control costs as competitors will simply be able to maintain their instead of investing in costly changes to comply with new rules.  In other words, a legal Truck that comes off the track at the end of the 2013 season will already be legal for the 2014 and 2015 seasons.”

In an effort to further reduce weekly operation costs, this year the trucks will be allowed to use 8 inch Towel City retreaded tires that will last longer than the tires used last year.

As for Piet, along with his truck, he still plans to run his #777 Enduro car at the Saturday Enduros and is also looking forward to participating in the new V8 Stock Division.

As we left the shop Piet had one last comment,

“I am looking forward to beating Gary Adriaensen!”

Setting his sights on the defending champion, it seems Piet knows who he will have to beat in order to take top spot this season.

In other Demar Aggregates Truck news:

Delaware Speedway welcomes Rick Castle and his new #73 Truck.  Also the #95 Team, driven by Andrew Pocs have purchased a new truck and currently have their 2012 Truck up for sale. If you are interested in buying Andrew’s truck please call the track office for Andrew’s contact info.

Opening night for the Demar Aggregates Trucks is Friday, May 17th @ 7:30 PM.