Sept. 9, 2013
Delaware, ON


Students from RMC (Above) with the newly prepared #82 car in June.

highschoolchallengebonestocCan Thames Secondary School retain its title as High School Challenge Champion?  This is a question that will be answered on October 19 in the second round of Delaware Speedway’s High School Challenge.  In the previous round five schools fielded six entries into the competition including Thames Secondary School, Wheable, Regina Mundi, Medway, and Westminster.  The cars were prepared by students and driven by some of Delaware Speedway’s top drivers in competition.

The program provides area high school students and their teachers with access to vehicles, safety equipment, and mentorship as they construct their own entry-level race cars.  The schools are also provided with hundreds of complimentary tickets to the events the vehicles will be entered into which can be used as a fundraiser within the schools.

Just as in the first round, which was held in June, each participating school will be working to prepare one vehicle that will be entered into competition in the track’s most affordable entry-level series: Bone Stock Chaos Cars.  During the race the cars will be driven by some of Delaware Speedway’s top drivers and personalities.  The Bone Stock vehicles are known for their ease of preparation and affordability making them the ideal choice for the project.

This challenge is scheduled to run at the final event of the season: the October 19 Pumpkin Smasher.  There is still time for schools to join up and accept the challenge.  Interested students should contact their teachers who are invited to contact the speedway office (info@delawarespeedway.com) for more information about getting an entry on the track.  An official entry list of participating schools and drivers will be released shortly.

High School Challenge Round One Results: (June 22, 2013)

1. Thames Secondary School Team 1 (Jay Doerr #43)

2. Wheable (Steve Arrand #37)

3. Thames Secondary School Team 2 (Matt Pritiko #21)

4. Regina Mundi (Justin DeMelo #82)

5. Medway Secondary School (Jordan Lawrence #28)

6. Westminster Secondary School (Jamie Cox #22x)