First Infractions & Appeal of the Season Hit Trucks, Super Stocks

May 23, 2013
Delaware Speedway PR

Two drivers were found with minor infractions on their trucks following post-race inspection on Opening night Friday, May 17.

Trevor Collver (#51) of Lucan and Piet Blaauboer (#7) of Strathroy, who finished second and third in the event, were both found with the same issue on their trucks: a non-approved carb spacer or adaptor.  During the off-season changes were made to the carb spacer rules.  The spacer used on both trucks would have been allowed in the previous season but is no longer permitted in competition.

The penalty for the infractions was assessed as 25 points & $100 fine, the standard penalty for a minor infraction.

Collver issued an appeal on the penalty, but not on the infraction itself.  The appeal was based on the possibility that a 25-point deduction might be too severe given the current size of the truck series.  The team said in a statement:

“This request for review is not based on the actual infraction as we assume full responsibility for our negligence.  We quite honestly missed this, […] we now see it was clear in the rules changes.”

The penalty was sent for review with Speedway operations who determined that the penalty was valid.  With regards to the size of the penalty, it was determined that the drivers would be given last place points in the event instead of the 25-point penalty.  The 25-point penalty disproportionately affected the drivers receiving it based on the current size of the truck division.  The decision on the appeal is final.

In the Coca-Cola Super Stocks Shae Gemmell (#3) of Dorchester was also found to be in violation of a rule of a different kind.  The team was discovered to be making use of two-way driver radio to help their rookie driver which is not permitted in the Super Stock Division.

The penalty was initially assessed at 25 points and $100, the standard for a first offence in the season.  This long-standing rule is not codified officially in the General Rules or Super Stock rules, nor has it been addressed in recent drivers meetings.  With these considerations in mind, upon review track Operations eliminated the 25-point penalty but upheld the $100 fine.  The team has also been also been given a warning for the use of the radios which will also serve as a reminder to other teams about the use of in-car communication.

All fine money collected will go the Driver’s Year End Points fund.