Doug Stewart

When the final school bell rings at Beal Secondary School in June, ‘Canada’s Fastest School Teacher’ Doug Stewart (#100) of London might be the only one that wants the year to continue for a while.  Stewart, an auto teacher at the school has a curriculum that includes his students working on his FT Garage Late Model, and after school gets out he and his crew will become much busier.

Stewart spoke about the program, saying, “I think it’s been a great part of our program for years now.  The kids get a thrill out of working on the car.”

Doug first competed at Delaware in 1979 in a Coca-Cola Super Stock before the class was used to develop the CASCAR program, competing in a number of Super Series races before turning to a weekly Delaware program that he’s continued ever since.

As for Stewart’s career highlight, he quickly pointed to his first career Late Model win in the early-00’s.  “I won my first one on CANUSA night at the speedway.  I also won another feature on second CANUSA night, and they were the greatest sponsor you could ask for.”

As for current sponsors, Doug said, “We don’t have any now, but we don’t have any pressure because of that.  We are very low budget and have been for years at a time since I started.  I do have to thank Don and Brenda Harris.  Don approached me at the McKerlie Millen weekend years ago.  He didn’t have a company, but wanted to help out, and knew we were on a low budget.  You always remember the people who stood up for you when you have nothing.”

If there is ever a high school auto shop that a gearhead wishes he attended, it’s Automotive 101 with Mr. Stewart class at Beal.