September 14, 2013
Delaware Speedway PR

Anyone who missed Saturday’s GAW Recycling Enduro event may have just missed the best race of the year at Delaware Speedway.  Strong competition for the win, crashes, and fights: for all the wrong reasons and all the right reasons the event will be long remembered by those in attendance.  Kris Lawrence (#66) of London won the Bone Stock Chaos Car feature and Bill Brekelmans (#88) of London took home the checkers from Steve Book (#64) of Brantford in the wildest GAW Recycling Enduro race in recent memory.

  brekelmanswinsenduroBill Brekelmans (#88) of London pushed through the best and worst to win the GAW Recycling Enduro’s most intense race of the season. Dean Thomas (#181) of Middlemiss led the first lap of the race, but with cars going four and five wide around the track, he was easily passed by Don Yorke (#128) of Mt. Brydges. Vastly underpowered, Yorke was only able to hold the position for one lap until Shawn Fucile (#32) of London pulled ahead.  Fucile held the lead until lap 16 which was when the competition for first and second place began to heat up between Brekelmans and Steve Book (#64) of Brantford. Book took the lead from Fucile and held the position until the final laps of the race when, on lap 92, Brekelmans took the lead. Success was only momentary, however, when Steve Book rallied to snatch the lead back a lap later.  The pair fought hard with Brekelmans ultimately taking it back for the win in lap 99 of 100. Book placed second and Derek McCullough (#38) of Glencoe placed third. This race marked Brekelmans first win since he started racing eight years ago.

“That is unbelievable,” said Brekelmans in victory lane. “I could see [Book] when I was coming out of four but I thought we lost it when he passed us in traffic.  I figured  I was going to finish second but then we got him back!”

Steve Book had fought some transmission issues throughout the afternoon.

rumblewinsbdivision“About half way through [the transmission] started slipping,” Book explained.  “I had to feather it off the corner.  With all the reds I couldn’t get the momentum going.  Bill ran me clean, I could see his fist pumping as he was celebrating before the line.  It was a fun race.”

Twice during the GAW Recycling Enduro race engine issues for drivers put down oil on the track which caused a number of drivers to lose control and slide into the wall.  The race was stopped by red flag five times.  Gary Graham (#78) of London took the hardest hit of the day torpedoing the turn-two wall.  Graham was okay but it is unlikely that his car will ever see a racetrack again.

The event also featured a major, if not confusing, dispute between B-Division points leader Kris Fairweather (#6) of Parkhill and Kyle Neumeister (#12) of Stratford.  With 30 laps to go the pair found themselves in the same area of the track, although not battling for position.  By some accounts, Fairweather made light contact with Neumeister and waved to apologize.  Later in the event Neumeister blocked Fairweather down the front stretch at which time Fairweather turned Neumeister around.  Neumeister’s stopped car triggered a red flag during which he went to the infield.  As the red flag came out Fairweather had been receiving a black flag penalty for the spin.  While returning to the track (under the same red flag) Neumeister pulled along the pit road wall and yelled at Fairweather who was stopped on the other side of the wall on the front stretch.  The race resumed and Neumeister was directed to stop by the pit road official.  Neumeister ignored the direction of the official and drove past him at a high rate of speed.  On the next lap by the flag stand Neumeister was receiving a black flag for his pit road infraction.  As he received the black flag he appeared to be waiting for Kris Fairweather.  The two cars made contact resulting in Fairweather hitting the inside wall.  The pair continued to slide into turn one collecting innocent bystander Randy Martin (#52) of Mt. Brydges.  Fairweather immediately jumped from his vehicle and ran to where Neumeisters car had come to rest on the inside of the corner.  Fairweather was at the window of Neumeister’s car and was pulled by track officials.  Neither Neumeister nor Fairweather completed the event: Neumeister was taken to the infield tech garage to meet with officials while the event continued.

In the B division for the GAW Recycling Enduro 100-lap feature, David Rumble (#117) of Blenheim finished first. Doug Wright (#83) placed second and Kyle Mezenberg (#810) of Highgate finished third.

lawrencewinsbonestockOne brother won while the other brother jumped into a controversial circle of retaliation when Kris Lawrence (#66) of London won the 50-lap Bone Stock Chaos Car race.  The event had one red flag late in the event for Jeremy Schindel (#22) of Delaware spinning in turn one off the front bumper of Jo Lawrence (#73) of London as part of a confusing dog-eat-dog circle of retaliation.  Schindel had moments earlier heeded a penalty for spinning a rookie driver in turn one who had made contact with teammate Andrew Jaffrey (#9).  When Schindel returned to the race he was spun by Jo Lawrence in a move that left everyone scratching their heads about what should happen next.  Older brother Kris, for his part, dominated the event in the Medway Secondary School prepared entry.

The Bone Stock race also featured a high-profile disqualification.  Points leader Kyle Neumeister (#92) of Stratford was disqualified from the race for swapping scoring transponders with a teammate partway through the event after the car he started the race with faced mechanical issues.  Neumeister returned to the event in a teammate’s car, renumbered as his own, with the transponder from his original car.  His teammate later returned to the event unable to score laps on his correct transponder and was scored based on the number of laps he completed before the swap, while the points leader was put to last place in the results.  Neumeister is the same driver who was involved in the strange incident during the GAW Recycling Enduro event with Kris Fairweather (#6).  As a result of the scoring penalty, Andrew Jaffrey (#9) takes over the points lead, Neumeister sits second just three points back.

Next Friday is Championship night featuring the FT Garage Late Models, Coca-Cola Super Stocks, Demar Aggregates Trucks and V8 Stocks.  The event is the final chance to see the drivers of the weekly divisions battle for the championship.  Full information and schedule are available at the track website.