Competitiors Info: Registration & Memberships

All Divisions Registration  2014: (View and Print .pdf)


  • Registration forms must be filled out completely including wavier sections, emergency contact information, and driver profile. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  • Please do not send registrations by fax or e-mail.  The speedway must have the original copy in hand for the registration to be considered complete.
  • To check the current list of registered numbers this season as well as registered numbers from last year, check the roster.

(View and Print for Weekly Divisions, Enduro, & Bone Stock .pdf)

(Junior Racing League Registration View & Print)

Completed registrations may be printed and mailed to:

Delaware Speedway
P.O. Box 189
Komoka, ON
N0L 1R0

Thank-you for choosing Delaware Speedway as your racing destination this season!

Delaware Registration Information

Registration includes number registration, use of transponder at all events, banquet ticket for selected divisions (Late Model, Truck, Super Stock drivers with 80% attendance).

  • Late Model Registration: $300
  • Super Stock and Registration: $250
  • Truck Registration: $200
  • V8 Stock Registration $200
  • Enduro Registration: $100
  • Bone Stock Chaos Car Registration: $100

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the availability of a number?

Check the speedway roster for the division you are registering in.  Until March 31 the roster from the previous season is displayed.  Shortly after, the roster page will change to the new season roster and any unregistered numbers may be open to registration.

Will you give away my number if I register too late?

Numbers from the previous season are held until January 31.  If your registration is not received by then, your number may be claimed by another driver if they file the paperwork and complete payment before you.  The only way to guarantee continued use of your number is to register.

I’m a driver who only visits Delaware Speedway a few times per year – do I have to register?

No – visiting drivers who only run a handful of events (typically less than four) do not have to register with Delaware Speedway and are welcome and invited to participate in our events.  However, because you are not registered you will need to rent your transponder for the day.  Also note that some special events with increased purse have an additional registration fee to participate.

How Does This Work For Crew Members?

Crew members have no need to register with the speedway.  Drivers, however, are eligible to purchase booklets of 25 back gate entries at a discounted rate for their crew.

Why do I have to fill out my profile form year after year? The information is the same as it was last year!

Driver profile sheets are filled out each year as these sheets are used by announcers and media throughout the season. Forms must be filled out each year as the previous year’s forms are not in use during events. While filling out forms is a nuisance, it is the most effective way to make sure accurate information is available about you throughout the season and to get the most value for your sponsors and race team.