Competitiors Info: Open Ontario Four Cylinder Championships 2014

About the Event:

The Open Ontario Four Cylinder championships are open invitational races held at Delaware Speedway for drivers of 4-cylinder race vehicles.  Many tracks run this type of vehicle are are welcome to join in the fun on Delaware’s half-mile.  Open-ontario events are held several times each season.


Friday, June 13, 2014
Friday, August 1, 2014
Saturday, September 27, 2014 (Intent to Compete)

Registration for the Event: (Save the transponder fee!)

Most Open-Ontario events have a “Intent to Compete” form which can be filed with the track to save on transponder registration.  Check the event schedule for specific information.

Sept 27, 2014 Intent to Compete Now Available:


Current Invitational Guidelines

The invitational guidelines are simple:

1. All drivers are to meet standard Delaware safety Specifications.  This includes 5-point harnesses dated no older than 3-years, Snell Rated SA (special application) Helmets, full roll cage, neck brace, fire suit, racing seat.

2. Hometrack Tires, No slicks! Minimum of 1/16th inch tread.

3. 1″ Wheels nuts Mandatory on the right Side of the car.

4. Racing or Safety right front wheel mandatory.

5. 13″ 14″ or 15″ wheels only

6. Open weight rule. Cars must be safe and not chopped in a matter that make the car weak to lighten.

7. Mirrors Allowed

8. Engine rule. Open to any of the mini stock rules in Ont.

9. Pump fuel only

10. Dirt cars must be clear of any dirt or debris.

11. Dirt cars may run screen but a full face helmet must be worn.

12. Engine must be from a production automobile.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When do pit gates open? Check the official speedway schedule for gate times.

Where do I go when I arrive? The pit gate will be the first place you go to sign into the race track.  After that you move into the infield of the speedway to unload.  Once unloaded you may head to technical inspection in the white infield garage and then prepare for practice.

Will there be practice time? Yes.  The Open-Ontario cars will be part of the regular practice rotation.

How much does it cost? Cost varies by event.  During the regular season entry into the infield is $25 per person at the back gate.  There is also a $25 transponder event registration which can be done at tech inspection (note: teams which filed an intent to compete do not pay this transponder registration).  The Pumpkin Smasher event has different, often lower event costs.

Can we camp? Yes.  Camping is free of charge behind the back straight at this event.

Is Delaware Speedway planning to start a four-cylinder series? Delaware Speedway has already started a four-cylinder division!  The newly introduced Bone Stocks run one Saturday a month and operate similar to the Enduro races of the 1990′s.  Occasionally these drivers do join into the Open-Ontairo races if they meet minimum standards.  Because of their strong success, the track is looking into the possibility of holding more Open-Ontario events throughout the season.

What is the payout?  Payout in this division is the same as our weekly Truck Series.