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King of the Hill Spectator’s Racing allows spectators to enter their own street legal, street driven vehicles in one-on-one fun single-lap races around the legendary half-mile speedway at Delaware.

Here is what you need to know for race day:

– The events are held in Support of Jesse’s Journey.  Each competitor makes a minimum of a $5 donation to the charity to participate.

– 40 spots are available in the event on a first-come first served basis at registration the night of the event.

– Registration takes place during the regular racing program.  Enter the speedway grandstand area and find the registration table (you cannot register at the competitor gate, you must get your competition wrist band from the registration table)

– The cars must be street-legal, street-driven.  They must have license plates and be insured legal to drive on the road.  You must have a valid drivers license.  Car must be legally driven to the race track.

– Vehicle must have street-legal treaded D.O.T. tires (tread must be considered reasonable by speedway staff, not racing tires)

– Drivers require a helmet.  A limited number of helmets are available at registration.

– During the race: watch the corner lights for start.  They will be red, off, and will then turn green for go.  Stay focused and do not become distracted.  If a jump start is called, the lights will flash yellow.  Return to the start finish line to attempt again.

– Some King of the Hill events have prize money, some are for bragging rights.  Special formats are typically announced in advance.