TRACKSIDE – March 2020

WOW, its hard to believe that so much has happened in the world since the last column. So many things have changed, and everyone is managing as well as they can, based on the direction from the World Health Organization and information being provided daily by the media. Trusting that everyone is staying safe and healthy. My hope is that this will normalize sooner, rather than later and we will all be in a position to get back to a more normalized life that YES includes the sound of engines, smell of fuel fumes and fresh rubber is being laid on the track, kicking of the 2020 Delaware Race Season.
This month’s column contains a mixture of news and thoughts as we look to a more normalized future. Hoping it will provide a little reading material sparking excitement of the upcoming race season and an opportunity to share a little of what has been happening over the winter months in the world of Delaware Racing as we look to better days ahead.
If you haven’t checked the 2020 Delaware Speedway Roster pages yet, you should! Late Models seem to be exploding with entries! It’s probably going to be the strongest field in many, many years. New entries, new cars, drivers moving up into the division, highlight this class in 2020.
The Super Stocks have lost a few regulars from last year but have gained some new entrants which should really shake up the class for sure.
Truck and V8 Divisions are down in entrants currently. Hopefully we will see additional cars and trucks before opening night.
Bone Stocks look as strong as ever!
Over all lots of promise as we look at the current entries and making a call for those who have not entered to do so prior to the Delaware 2020 Race Season starting.


Gary Adriaensen #55 Pro Late Model
“Things are going well here at Adriaensen Motorsports. It’s been a busy off season with building a new house and recently getting engaged. The car is coming along well in between all that and we’re excited to get back on the track and make a run for the Delaware Championship”
Name:  Gary Adriaensen
HOMETOWN:  Glencoe
OCCUPATION:  Electrician
GOAL FOR 2020:  Championship
IF EXISTING:  No major upgrades to speak of. Just a better understanding of adjustments
OWNER:  Adriaensen Motorsports
SPONSORS:  Dowler Karn Fuels, Bumper to Bumper, London Drive Systems, Guild Electric, Doxtator Property Maintenance, Speedpro Imaging, Century 21 – Murray Mugford

Gary, “the paint scheme will be the same for the most part with a very minor change”

Darrell Lake #77L Pro Late Model
Name:  Darrell Lake
HOMETOWN:  Mount Brydges
OCCUPATION:  Customer Service
GOAL FOR 2020:  To be competitive for the Canadian Short Track Nationals
EXISTING:  Same chassis as last year , but upgraded with new Mustang Gen 6 Body
OWNER:  Matt Lake
SPONSORS:  London Drive Systems, Custom Fluid Power, Maple City Tire

Bill Brekelmans #07 Super Stock
Name:  Bill Brekelmans
HOMETOWN:  Ingersoll Ontario
OCCUPATION:  Financial Services Advisor
GOAL FOR 2020:  Win a race in Super Stock, Rookie of the Year
RACECAR:  McColl Super Stock Chassis, Trans Am Body
OWNER:  Jack Van Herk
SPONSORS:  Radar Auto Parts, Mitchell Cycle, Wilders Custom Paint, Brandy Point Service, A&J Auto Sales TC

Jason Lidster #11 Pro Late Model

HOMETOWN:  St. Thomas
OCCUPATION:  Thames Valley Schoolboard Employee & long time St. Thomas business Owner
GOAL FOR 2020:  Consistent top 3 finishes and title contender

RACECAR:  New to the team
IF NEW:  Former McColl 2019 APC Championship Winning Car
SPONSORS:  Southwinds Roofing, Bill Fehr CPA, D&S Plumbing, Dominion Lending Centres, Elgin Travel & Cruises, First Ave Laundry, GWB Heating & Cooling, Stumps R Us, Elgin Tirecraft, Yarmouth Crane Service, McGregor Auto Parts

Jason, “without these sponsors we wouldn’t be able to put together the level of equipment we will have this year”

Ryan Dyson #28 Truck
Name:  Ryan Dyson
OCCUPATION:  Marketing
YEARS IN RACING:  3 in full size cars
GOAL FOR 2020:  Win more races and learn more in the races we’re able to attend this season. We want to build off a great rookie season and be up front every week.
RACECAR:  Existing
IF EXISTING:  New Chevy Silverado body
SPONSORS:  APC Auto Parts Centres, MacMaster Chevy Buick GMC, Epic Racewear, Lucas Oil, Thorne Property Management LTD., 20/20 Insurance, Black Fly Beverage Co., ourExpression Studio, Puckstoppers, Frank & Gus Pizza, Dave Franks Photos

Ryan, “for 2020 we built a completely new body once again, and are what I believe is the first ones in Ontario and maybe Canada to debut the new Chevy Silverado. We also stripped the truck down and went over everything and made some upgrades where we felt necessary. We also spent a lot of time getting the truck to look exactly how we wanted with the panels, paint and vinyl”

Cody Coburn #91 Super Stock
Name:  Cody Coburn
HOMETOWN:  Mount Brydges
OCCUPATION:  Zamboni Driver
GOAL FOR 2020:  Learn as much as I can towards the car and finish every race
RACECAR:  New McColl Chassis 2016(never raced yet), Dodge Body
OWNER:  Cody Coburn
SPONSORS:  Looking for sponsorship opportunities currently

Matt Robblee #51 Pro Late Model
Name:  Matt Robblee
HOMETOWN:  Cambridge ON
OCCUPATION:  Engineering Technician
GOAL FOR 2020:  9 Races = 9 consistent finishes
RACECAR:  Same car as 2019 –McColl Perimeter LM – Former Ramsay/Cox/Gemmell car
EXISTING: any upgrades to current model? – We made a bunch of upgrades to the Chassis ahead of the 2019 season. Over the winter, we’ve just cleaned things up (new body, chassis cleanup, ETC) and made things more comfortable. We rearranged the driver’s area, moved the seat and added more upgrades to the radio equipment
OWNER:  Matt & Steve Robblee
SPONSORS:  VIP Autopro, Kettlea Farms, Ray Cullen Chevrolet, Ball Construction, Federated Insurance, STS Roofing

Matt, “2019 didn’t yield the results I think we are capable of. Some mechanical issues, bad weather and bad luck seemed to get ahead of us. That being said, I’m super happy with the progress we made with the car – We took a 10+ year old car and worked it up to run in the same “tenth of a second” as newer cars with much larger budgets. Were not the only team doing similar work – and its something that I think gets overlooked. Anyone can spend $100,000+ and have a fast car – we have several teams, ourselves included, who produce beautiful equipment at a fraction of that cost and still manage to run quick. That said, we all know how expensive any form of racing is and especially in these crazy times I think its important to keep sending out the message to support business who support racing! I’m not sponsored directly by the Autopro brand (for example) – We get support at the local level and it’s important to make it known that these businesses aren’t just names on the side of a car – they’re made up of great people who share the same enthusiasm for racing as we do! Its also great to finally see guys moving up through the ranks. All of the divisions have had some new driver activity, and I’m looking forward to seeing some growth and talent development over the next few seasons. I think the racing community in Ontario is slowly coming together – It won’t happen overnight – but steps are being made in the right direction.”

Ray Morneau #03 Pro Late Model
Name:  Ray Morneau
OCCUPATION:  Tombstone engraver
GOAL FOR 2020:  Win a feature
RACECAR:  Existing
IF EXISTING: any upgrades to current model? – New Body
OWNER:  Ray Morneau
SPONSORS:  Xpress group, Hallmark Memorial, Highland tools, Sun parlour trailers, Leitch Performance


Jaden Chapman #13 Pro Late Model

Steve Arrand #37 Pro Late Model

Kris Lawrence #28 Pro Late Model (courtesy of Ashley McCubbin)

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See you soon for the next column publication. Until next issue, Stay Safe and healthy Bob, Steve

Any comment, suggestions, news, topics, welcome. Please feel free to contact me at

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TRACKSIDE – January 2020

Happy 2020 everyone. Snow is on the ground, and I think we are all ready for some short track racing. I’m sure a lot of you will be heading south soon for some warmer temperatures and yes racing. Probably in a short few weeks to the Daytona Beach area. If you are, I’m envious. I’m seeing pics of race cars being built or refreshed and its exciting. Plans being made for the upcoming race season which is very exciting. It’s a really nice feeling. I’m sure, this year we are going to see racers coming back after a few years break or changing divisions and ones that are headed in a different direction this year, that we might not see at all or only one or two times. Kills me when we lose cars, but fully understand drivers have to do what they think best for them, and maybe new challenges. I think its going to be a very interesting and exciting year at Delaware Speedway for 2020, one I’m sure that will be very competitive! Lot of different Late Models, that I know of. I’m sure we can expect the same in the other divisions. If anybody has news of drivers from all divisions, please send it along to me at Would be great to get it out there to build fan and racer excitement for the upcoming season.

Always looking for storylines for each column, and late last year got a great suggestion from Kris Lawrence, Late Model and Bone Stock driver. He suggested finding and doing a feature on current 2nd and 3rd generation drivers. I was able to go through a few old programs and decided to list the generational drivers. I had no idea there were so many and I’m sure I have missed some. Delaware Speedway, being an older track, has a rich history of drivers and crews. In my humble opinion, no other track in Canada, is close, but I’m sure others would argue. But, how many tracks in Canada can say they have supplied a NASCAR Race Winner (Earl Ross) and a NASCAR Point Champion Crew Chief (Cole Pearn) plus other hugely talented drivers and crews.

Listed below is the list I have compiled so far:


(GF) Grandfather, (F) Father, (S) Son, (D) Daughter, (GS) Grandson

Current active drivers at Delaware Speedway noted in BOLD


Dave Lawrence (F), Kris Lawrence(S), Jo Lawrence(S)

Russ Urlin(F), Jon Urlin(S)

Manny Demelo(F), Justin Demelo(S)

Harvey Lennox(F), Rick Lennox(S)

Bill Rowse(F), Bill Rowse Jr(S)

Ron Lindsay(F), Scott Lindsay(S)

Vic Robblee (GF), Steve Robblee(F), Matt Robblee (S & GS)

Ron Sheridan(F), Jake Sheridan(S)

Stan Adams(F), Piper Adams(S)

Brad Jacques(F), Terry Jacques(S)

Manny Ferreira(F), Andrew Ferreira(S)

Wayne Pilkey(F), Samantha Pilkey(D)

Grant Manning(GF), Duane Manning(F), Lucas Manning(S)

Gary Zagorodny (F), Tom Zagorodny(S)

Randy Thompson(F), Lonny Thompson(S)

Steve Aubertin(F), Cooper Aubertin(S)

Lou Fucile(F), Shawn Fucile(S)

Mike Howard(F), Cassie Howard(D)

Dion Verhoeven(F), Brandon Verhoeven(S)

Jay Christie(F), D.J. Christie(S)

Mike Hrynuik(F), Mike Hrynuik Jr(S)

Ron Pearn(F), Cole Pearn(S)

Dave Mathers(F), Paul Mathers(S)

Jack Greedy(F), John Greedy(S)

Warren Coniam(F), Ryan Coniam(S)

Rick Coburn(F), Cody Coburn(S)

Dave Hosie(GF), David McCullough (GS), Derek McCullough(GS)



-Former Street Stock driver Kevin Delong #17 will be returning to the Speedway, in the Late Model Division, with former Barrie area racer Terry Swan as car owner

-APC regular Patrick Freel #18, will be running full season at Delaware Speedway in 2020 Late Model

-Jamie Grover #33 Late Model will be running Delaware in 2020 as much as he can

-Bill Brekelmens, former V8 Stock, moving up to Super Stock in the #07

-Jamie Klumper #07, top runner in the Super Stock division, will move up to the Late Models in 2020, for a partial run. The car is the former Jay Doerr #43 from a few years ago.

-Rob Windis #29, in a former Dave McCullough Super Stock this year

-Bone Stock driver Shane Gibson #69 moving up to the V8 class this year

-Bob Miller #74 Late Model, returns after a year’s absence with a new Late Model

-multi time Truck Champion Tom Zagorodny #77, moving to the Late Model division in 2020



Steve Arrand, former top runner in the V8 Class, will be running in the Late Model (picture above) division at Delaware in 2020.

Sponsors: Transport N Service, Arrand Insurance Solutions, Steelhead Food Co., Pine Valley Minute Lube, Pennzoil, Front Street Heat…. Canada’s Hot Sauce, After the Lounge


Kevin Delong                                                                                    Bob Miller


Jamie Grover                                                                            Shane Gibson 


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See you in February as Trackside is now on a monthly publication during the off-season months.        Until next issue, Bob, Steve

Any comment, suggestions, news, topics, welcome. Please feel free to contact me at

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TRACKSIDE – December 2019

Well, here we are, almost the end of 2019.   The Holiday Season is upon us. Where did 2019 go? It just seems like yesterday that we were all in the pits for the first practice day. Many a great race has gone by since then. It was a super year. Certainly not without its controversies and arguments! But as usual, we all made it through. Some drivers had some pretty nasty wrecks which is always sad to see.

A tentative 2020 Schedule has been posted. Major changes with the race night moving to Saturday night. Pros & Cons from everybody I’m sure. I think it might just work out for most teams. Anybody have any comments on this? Send them along to I would really like to hear how drivers feel about this.   As I say, I think it will be good.

Also, I would love to hear what all the Competitors have planned for 2020. Any new drivers, cars, etc. Any cars getting major upgrades? Please pass anything along so we can keep interest in the winter months on the Speedway and the Competitors.

From what I have seen so far, there are at least 5 new Late Models joining the ranks.   Not sure on the other divisions yet. Also hoping to see more and more of the new Five Star Gen 6 Bodies in 2020. They look so good!

Any pics of your race vehicles would be greatly appreciated. As I say, I’m just trying to keep fan interest high all winter.

*On that note, I would like to sincerely thank every Competitor that helped us out with information, pictures, answering questions, etc, this past year. You have no idea how much it is appreciated. This is a new venture for me, kind of pushing me out of my comfort zone. I love writing the column, and hopefully it helps the Track, Fans and especially the Competitors.   Big Thank You!

If you have any ideas on story lines or what you might wish to see in future columns, please let me know. I recently received a great suggestion from driver, Kris Lawrence on a storyline and I think it will be a good one in early 2020.

Here we have some memorable moments from 2019.


The Fearsome Foursome!!                                       Controversial Combined Features – Totally a Fan Favorite though                                                                                                                                                                                   



Bone Stocks just being Bone Stocks – always fun        Upsurge in the Late Model Car count – Fantastic to see                    


Darrell Lake’s beautiful new Gen 6 Mustang Bodied Racecar – Heading back to Delaware – Welcome back!                                                                           

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season and a great 2020 to all.


Don’t Miss your opportunity to still get the Inaugural Delaware Speedway Calendars

Delaware Speedway 2020 Inaugural Calendars featuring the drivers you voted for.   These can be ordered online at for $10. Get your orders in while they last! A Great Christmas gift idea for that special race fan!

See you in January as Trackside is now on a monthly publication during the off-season months.  Until next issue, Bob, Steve

Any comment, suggestions, news, topics, welcome. Please feel free to contact me at

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TRACKSIDE – November 2019

The Speedway has been shut down for over a month now and the Delaware Banquet has completed. Okay, lets get to back racing right now! I already miss it. It’s going to be a long winter.  A fun season it was in 2019, competition was strong in most divisions, couple of divisions had car count issues, but what was there, was competitive. Hopefully as we move into the 2020 Season, this can maybe be rectified.

The 2019 Delaware Banquet was a huge success. Probably the largest crowd in a couple of years. Emcee, Jamie Maudsley, gave a great tribute to the late Jared Doxtator a peer and friend at the beginning of the program. Several drivers commented on Jared as being there to greet them with a smile at trackside for an interview, following up on an incident and to get the first words in victory lane. Most of the drivers that spoke had grown up with Jared their entire race career. A heartfelt speech by his good friend, Trevor Collver, moved the crowd. It was nice to see Tim and Carolyn Doxtator, Jared’s Mother & Father at the Banquet as they received the first ever Voice of Delaware Speedway Award and to hear firsthand the wonderful impact that Jared has had on the race family and Delaware Speedway. Russ Urlin gave a heartfelt speech about the future of racing at Delaware Speedway. All in all, it was a proud night for everyone that is part of the Delaware Speedway family. A delicious Buffett and dancing afterwards made for an all-around great evening. Thanks goes out to Delaware Speedway for organizing such a great celebratory event.


2019 Bone Stock                                             2019 Trucks                                            2019 V8 Stocks


2019 Super Stocks                                         2019 Late Models

Many awards were given out, in celebration of the 2019 Season as listed below:


In Memoriam Jared Doxtator

Voice of Delaware Speedway Award to Tim and Carolyn Doxtator




2019 Rookie of the Year:

Bone Stock:  Eric Martin #42
Trucks:   Austin Gauld #18
V8 Stocks:   Bill Brekelmans #07
Super Stocks:   Derek Moesker #51
Late Model:   Gary Adriaensen #55

2019 Class Champions:

Bone Stocks: Kris Lawrence #50
Trucks:   Jacob Campbell #44
V8 Stocks:   Barry Watson #45
Super Stocks:   Andrew Ferreira #9
Late Models:   Jo Lawrence #78

Employee(s) of the Year:       

Angie and Scott Mackey




Best Appearing Car:         

Kathleen Green #16 Super Stock


Most Improved Driver:         

Jason Lidster #11 Late Model


Most Sportsmanlike Driver:     

Derek Moesker #51 Super Stock


Harborne/Lawrence Spirit of Racing Award:   

Jaden Chapman #13 Late Model



2019 Division Sponsors & Partners Award:

Mike McColl Racing
Doxtator Property Maintenance
Demar Aggregates
Discounted Autoparts Delivery and Supply
Transaxle Parts


2019 Delaware Speedway Partners Award:

APC:  Luke Ramsay
Carstar:  Don Morton
Global Warranty:  Roy Neufert
Exeter Toyota:  Justine Frayne-Steenstra
Case N ’Drum Oi


– Delaware Speedway finalized 2020 Season schedule should be out very shortly.   Stay tuned…..

– Some minor rule changes in a couple divisions, on the horizon for 2020 to help encourage drivers from other tracks to appear at Delaware Speedway

– Looks like Super Stock driver Brittany Beatty, might be hanging up her helmet as her car, trailer, everything is up for sale. I hope not, as she was very competitive this year

-Lot of cars changing hands right now also

-Looks like David McCullough has a Late Model in his race shop now, after he sold his older Super Stock #39, reportedly to Rob Windis

-Scuttlebutt from the Banquet, has a former Truck Division champ, making a jump to the Late models in 2020

-Congratulations to Delaware Speedway’s, Jake Sheridan #52 on his great 12th place finish on his first ever appearance at the Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville for their big All-American Weekend

– Donald Reinhardt Jr, may be running Delaware Late models next year, with racing great, Wayne Keeling part of the team. With Wayne on board, he should do vey well

– Great to see Stephen Richmond returning to Delaware Late Model for 2020 season

*Remembering two great Delaware Speedway Supermodified drivers; Norm Mackereth #40 & Bill “Flipper” Rowse #24, who both passed away recently. Great memories of them both! 

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Delaware Speedway 2020 Inaugural Calendars featuring the drivers you voted for.   These can be ordered online at for $10. Get your orders in while they last! A Great Christmas gift idea for that special race fan!

Pictures courtesy of Chis Culos

See you in December as trackside is now moving to a monthly publication during the off-season months.       Until next issue, Bob, Steve

Any comment, suggestions, news, topic’s, welcome. Please feel free to contact me at

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