Monster Truck Throwdown Returns in 2019

Monster Truck Throwdown Returns in 2019

Delaware Speedway management is thrilled to confirm Monster Truck Throwdown will return for the third consecutive year, with the addition of a third show to make a three show weekend on July 19th, 20th and 21st, 2019.

Monster Trucks are bigger and better outdoors! The 2019 lineup of trucks will grow from six to eight and will once again see a star filled field including two time world freestyle champion, Avenger, and the return of Brutus! Additional trucks include local favourite Train Wreck, Overbored, and Miss Overbored. Three more monster truck superstars are yet to be announced for the huge events.

Friday and Saturday shows will have a pit party before the show, starting at 5:00pm. The events will start at 7:00pm each night with the show running approximately two hours plus an intermission. Sunday’s show will begin with the pit party at 1:00pm and engines will fire at 3:00pm. See lots of cars and busses get crushed and watch the monster soar through the sky at incredible heights and lengths!

Advance tickets for the events are on sale now! Purchase now and receive a FREE pit party pass for every ticket sold! The 2018 shows sold out of reserved and VIP seating, don’t wait to get your seat!

Want FREE tickets? Donate a vehicle to be used in the show and receive 4 free tickets including pit party. We will pickup vehicles with no charge within 50km of the track, email to learn more or make an arrangement. Cars, vans, SUVs, busses and more are welcome!

*2019 lineup subject to change

Ticket Information:


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Dan Storey Wins the iceMaker!

Delaware Speedway’s 67th season of racing came to a soggy close on October 6th with the second running of the iceMaker Enduro 150, an invitational event open to any 4 cylinder car in the province.

The event started with two group qualifying sessions that would seed groups to start the race. The slowest qualifiers were placed in group A and started on the track, while each subsequent group was released into the race from pit road at a set lap. Craig Cole (#55) set the fastest time with a 23.731, bettering Jordan Morris (#73) and Kris Lawrence (#59).

Group A started the race on the track, while the final Group started the race 16 laps down. Owen James Martin (#44) started the race on the pole as three cars started on track and a full field remained on pit road. Jody Mason (#68) led the race early as cars began getting slowly released into the field. Drivers that ran a lap half a second faster than their qualifying lap were black flagged in the race for ‘breaking out’. The first two drivers to do this were the race leaders, Jody Mason and Owen James Martin. The original breakout was to be a lap three tenths faster, but because the track was still slightly wet in qualifying that margin was expanded by officials.

Jody Mason reassumed the lead on lap 36 after serving his penalty as Allan Martin (#144) ran in second. Jo Lawrence (#78), Bill Brekelmans (#007), and several others were sent for a stop and go for breaking out as Mason cut a tire and lost the lead on lap 42. Allan Martin found himself two laps up on the field, before he also cut a tire and was forced to pit.

Owen James Martin found himself in the lead once again as Shane Gibson (#69) slowly reeled him in and the two battled by lap 53. Gibson entered pit road on lap 60 and the crew went to work. Jody Mason lost control off of turn 69 and hit the turn four wall, but was able to get it going the right direction a few laps later.

One of the scariest incidents of the season happened on lap 74 as Kris Lawrence’s #59 car went up in a ball of fire entering turn three. Lawrence managed to stop the car and get out safely, however the car burned for nearly five minutes. The red flag would be used as the intermission to allow teams to refuel and make repairs before the three wide standing still restart.

Dan Storey (#61) held a two lap lead at the halfway restart as all cars were able to get going. Storey was sent down pit road for breaking out as dark clouds began to cover the speedway. Several other drivers were handed black flags for breaking out in the following laps as Storey continued to lead. Bill Brekelmans was sent back down pit road for speeding on pit road the lap prior. Craig Cole had flirted with breaking out all event, and on lap 101 he did that and was sent down pit road for a stop and go as he was just five laps down after starting 16 down.

As the laps ticked away, Dan Storey slowed his pace and continued to lead with David Rockwood (#82) catching him slowly. Ben Davey (#07) also found himself on the lead lap but almost an entire circuit behind with just 25 laps to go. With just 10 laps to go, Rockwood was just 2.1 seconds behind the race leader, Dan Storey. With just four laps to go, Rockwood broke out and was given the black flag. Rockwood was able to return to the track in fourth spot, but it was all Dan Storey up front as he would go on to score the win and cash the $1500 cheque. Ben Davey and Derek Moesker would round out the podium.

Delaware Speedway would like to thank all the drivers, fans and track partners for an incredible 2018 race season full of all the highs and lows of racing. Congratulations to the 2018 track champions and thank you to all of our amazing staff! Be sure to stay tuned to Delaware Speedway’s social media and website throughout the off-season for updates and more!


Ryan Dyson – DelawareSpeedway PR

Photos by Jamie Maudsley


Top 10 report:


Feature: 1. #61 Dan Storey; 2. #07 Ben Davey; 3. #51 Derek Moesker; 4. #182 David Rockwood; 5. #007 Bill Brekelmans; 6. #55 Craig Cole; 7. #87 Don Armstrong; 8. #69 Shane Gibson; 9. #44 Owen James Martin; 10. #12.5 Rob Wolliston

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iceMaker Enduro Race Advance

Delaware Speedway’s 2018 season comes to an end this weekend with the second annual iceMaker Enduro 150!

Ticket Information:

Kids under 6 – FREE

Kids 6-12: $2.65 + HST =  $3

Students 13-18: $4.42 + HST =  $5

Adults: $13.27 + HST =  $15

Itinerary Information:

The event schedule for the event is provided in the attached PDF. Please note that all times are subject to change.
View the event Itinerary
General Information:

Delaware Speedway is located just minutes West of London, ON. View our facility map to learn more about seating, free parking, washroom locations, and much more. Delaware Speedway offers a unique natural amphitheatre setting, which allows race fans to take in all the action from anywhere in the venue. Many questions can be answered by visiting our FAQ section.

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Moesker Wins, Cole the Champion

The final 2018 Delaware Speedway champion was crowned on Saturday, September 28th with the annual running of the Pumpkin Smasher for the Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks. The event saw a pair of 10 lap heat races and twin 50 lap features, one with pumpkin guts all over the race track in turn one.

The evening started with group qualifying. It would be points leader and defending pumpkin smasher winner Craig Cole (55) widening his points lead by setting fast time with a time of 24.169. Brent Pelly (7) was second and Bill Brekelmans (007) rounded out the top 3.

A pair of 10 lap heat races started the racing portion of the event as drivers were divided into two groups based on qualifying, one for the top half and one for the bottom half. In heat 1 the field would go green for the first 8 laps with David Rockwood (90) leading until a caution came out for the 57 of Caleb Kemp hitting the wall in turn 2, setting up a green white checkered finish. Rockwood would lead the field back to green with Don Tomlinson (2) in second. Rockwood appeared to miss a shift on the restart giving Tomlinson the lead and his first career Discounted Auto Parts Depot and Supply checkered flag. The second heat would start with Craig Cole and Brent Pelly on the front row. Cole would have trouble on lap one and Brent Pelly would lead the first couple laps of the race, Derek Moesker would take the lead on lap 3 and not look back claiming the dash checkered flag.

The first 50 lap feature race started with Don Tomlinson and Derek Moesker on the the front row. Derek Moesker would lead the opening 9 laps until our first caution on lap 9 for a spin in turn 2. Moesker would lead the field back to green for a short period as down the back stretch the 84 of Julie Saunders would lose a tire resulting in a brief red flag. Once the track was cleared of the tire and wounded machine, Moesker would once again lead the field. After a short run there would be an incident on lap 13 coming out of turn 2 involving the 31 of Chris Radder and 59 of Kassy Howard. On the restart David Rockwood appeared to have a flat tire entering turn 1 and hit the wall resulting in a caution flag. The race would see its first lead change on lap 20 when Craig Cole would takeover the lead after starting deep in the pack. The caution flag would fly again on lap 30 for a spin in turn 4, Cole would lead the field back to green with Moesker on his outside. Cole and Moesker would battle it out for a few laps swapping the lead back and forth until caution flew on lap 33 for an incident in turn 1 involving Kicks in the 12 and Mart in the 44. Cole Would once again lead the field to green and the field would go on yet another brief green flag run with Cole and Moesker putting on a show for the fans. They yellow would fly in lap 41 setting up a mad dash to the finish. Cole and Moesker would swap the lead several times again the final 9 laps but it would be Craig Cole claiming the victory and increasing his points lead, 2nd Derek Moesker, 3rd Matt Langford. 

After the intermission that allowed race fans onto the track to smash pumpkins, the Discounted Auto Parts Depot and supply Bone Stocks would kick off feature number two with the 84 of Julie Saunders and 69 of Shane Gibson on the front row. The field would make it 1 clean lap lead by by Shane Gibson before caution would fly for a spin in turn 1. Bill Brekelmans would take the lead on lap 2 and lead for a brief time until Derek Moesker would go to the point on lap 7. Caution would fly on lap 16 for debris on the backstretch, Moesker would lead the field back to green and maintain the lead while the field would slip and slide through the pumpkin smashed front stretch. Caution would fly once again on lap 23 for a spin in turn 1. On the restart, Moesker would lead the field until lap 30 when Chris Medlinger would use the inside line through the pumpkins to take the lead, caution would fly shortly after for a spin in turn 1. On the restart with 20 to go it was Medlinger and Moesker side by side battling it out for several laps until Moesker would start to pull away after a few laps. Caution would fly once again on lap 36 for Stan Cook (74) losing control on the pumpkin guts in turn 1 and making significant contact with the wall. Moesker would again jump out on the field and stretch his legs on the field, caution fly on lap 46 for Shawn Fucile (1) making contact with the turn 1 wall. The race would go green until the end and it was Derek Moesker taking the checkered flag and the overall pumpkin smasher championship for the 4th time in his bone stock career! 2nd Chris Medlinger, 3rd Craig Cole. Cole was also crowned 2018 Discounted Auto Parts Depot and Supply Bone Stock Champion.

The event closed out with a demolition derby that saw a car titled “Zombie” outlast the competition as nine cars beat, smashed, and crashed.

The next event at Delaware Speedway is Saturday, October 6th for the second annual iceMaker Enduro 150. More information on the event can be found on

Jamie Dyson

Photos by Jamie Maudsley


Top 10 report:

Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #55 C. Cole; 2. #51 D. Moesker; 3. #03 M. Langford; 4. #007 B. Brekelmans; 5. #7 B. Pelly; 6. #31 C. Radder; 7. #1 S. Fucile; 8. #61 D. Storey; 9. #87 M. Ebert; 10. #10 182 B. Stratford

Feature 2: 1. #51 D. Moesker; 2. #75 C. Medlinger; 3. #55 C. Cole; 4. #7 B. Pelly; 5. #03 M. Langford; 6. #12 J. Kicks; 7. #2 D. Tomlinson; 8. #61 D. Storey; 9. #007 B. Brekelmans; 10. #17 R. Dyson

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