TRACKSIDE – November 2019

The Speedway has been shut down for over a month now and the Delaware Banquet has completed. Okay, lets get to back racing right now! I already miss it. It’s going to be a long winter.  A fun season it was in 2019, competition was strong in most divisions, couple of divisions had car count issues, but what was there, was competitive. Hopefully as we move into the 2020 Season, this can maybe be rectified.

The 2019 Delaware Banquet was a huge success. Probably the largest crowd in a couple of years. Emcee, Jamie Maudsley, gave a great tribute to the late Jared Doxtator a peer and friend at the beginning of the program. Several drivers commented on Jared as being there to greet them with a smile at trackside for an interview, following up on an incident and to get the first words in victory lane. Most of the drivers that spoke had grown up with Jared their entire race career. A heartfelt speech by his good friend, Trevor Collver, moved the crowd. It was nice to see Tim and Carolyn Doxtator, Jared’s Mother & Father at the Banquet as they received the first ever Voice of Delaware Speedway Award and to hear firsthand the wonderful impact that Jared has had on the race family and Delaware Speedway. Russ Urlin gave a heartfelt speech about the future of racing at Delaware Speedway. All in all, it was a proud night for everyone that is part of the Delaware Speedway family. A delicious Buffett and dancing afterwards made for an all-around great evening. Thanks goes out to Delaware Speedway for organizing such a great celebratory event.


2019 Bone Stock                                             2019 Trucks                                            2019 V8 Stocks


2019 Super Stocks                                         2019 Late Models

Many awards were given out, in celebration of the 2019 Season as listed below:


In Memoriam Jared Doxtator

Voice of Delaware Speedway Award to Tim and Carolyn Doxtator




2019 Rookie of the Year:

Bone Stock:  Eric Martin #42
Trucks:   Austin Gauld #18
V8 Stocks:   Bill Brekelmans #07
Super Stocks:   Derek Moesker #51
Late Model:   Gary Adriaensen #55

2019 Class Champions:

Bone Stocks: Kris Lawrence #50
Trucks:   Jacob Campbell #44
V8 Stocks:   Barry Watson #45
Super Stocks:   Andrew Ferreira #9
Late Models:   Jo Lawrence #78

Employee(s) of the Year:       

Angie and Scott Mackey




Best Appearing Car:         

Kathleen Green #16 Super Stock


Most Improved Driver:         

Jason Lidster #11 Late Model


Most Sportsmanlike Driver:     

Derek Moesker #51 Super Stock


Harborne/Lawrence Spirit of Racing Award:   

Jaden Chapman #13 Late Model



2019 Division Sponsors & Partners Award:

Mike McColl Racing
Doxtator Property Maintenance
Demar Aggregates
Discounted Autoparts Delivery and Supply
Transaxle Parts


2019 Delaware Speedway Partners Award:

APC:  Luke Ramsay
Carstar:  Don Morton
Global Warranty:  Roy Neufert
Exeter Toyota:  Justine Frayne-Steenstra
Case N ’Drum Oi


– Delaware Speedway finalized 2020 Season schedule should be out very shortly.   Stay tuned…..

– Some minor rule changes in a couple divisions, on the horizon for 2020 to help encourage drivers from other tracks to appear at Delaware Speedway

– Looks like Super Stock driver Brittany Beatty, might be hanging up her helmet as her car, trailer, everything is up for sale. I hope not, as she was very competitive this year

-Lot of cars changing hands right now also

-Looks like David McCullough has a Late Model in his race shop now, after he sold his older Super Stock #39, reportedly to Rob Windis

-Scuttlebutt from the Banquet, has a former Truck Division champ, making a jump to the Late models in 2020

-Congratulations to Delaware Speedway’s, Jake Sheridan #52 on his great 12th place finish on his first ever appearance at the Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville for their big All-American Weekend

– Donald Reinhardt Jr, may be running Delaware Late models next year, with racing great, Wayne Keeling part of the team. With Wayne on board, he should do vey well

– Great to see Stephen Richmond returning to Delaware Late Model for 2020 season

*Remembering two great Delaware Speedway Supermodified drivers; Norm Mackereth #40 & Bill “Flipper” Rowse #24, who both passed away recently. Great memories of them both! 

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Pictures courtesy of Chis Culos

See you in December as trackside is now moving to a monthly publication during the off-season months.       Until next issue, Bob, Steve

Any comment, suggestions, news, topic’s, welcome. Please feel free to contact me at

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TRACKSIDE – October 1, 2019

We are starting off this TRACKSIDE issue on an extremely sad note. As most of you may probably already know, Jared Doxtator, Delaware Announcer, passed away this past weekend, in his 42nd year. I didn’t know Jared as well as a lot of people, but I had seen and heard him at the track in previous years. This year I got to know him a little better as I got more involved with the speedway, behind the scenes. He was a dedicated announcer and thoroughly enjoyed what he did. He had many memories of races and could remember them like it was yesterday. We were just chatting Saturday night, after the races, about plans for 2020. I’m going to miss getting to know him better. Condolences go out to his family and many friends. Rest in Peace Jared. You will definitely be missed.

This past weekend was the last race program of the 2019 Delaware Speedway season. The 150 lap Open Invitational for 4-cylinder cars was first on the docket for the afternoon program. Having never seen a race quite like this before, but have to say really enjoyed it. With the staggered start of cars, based upon their qualifying times, it sure was interesting. The fast cars were 14-15 laps down before they even got on the track. The winners were the fast cars, but the program made most of the field competitive with a chance for a good finish. There was a mix of Bone Stocks, Mini Stocks & 4-cylinder Dirt Modifieds. The Dirt Modifieds were an interesting breed of race car. They were great to watch, as the flex and the twists in the cars coming off the corner, were very visible. They would make an interesting class on pavement, if you could get enough of them. To see the quicker cars, come from the back was really entertaining. Passing 2 – 3 cars at once, inside, outside, sometimes between!

In the 100 lap Late Model Open, a decent field of competitive cars, with a few newcomers added to the mix. The cautions were few but didn’t bother me that they were counted up until 5 laps to go. Kept the race from possibly becoming an Enduro!!!   For some reason the race had a more relaxed feel to it than a lot of 100 lappers. Jake Sheridan certainly has a handle on the Delaware racetrack, but Gary Adriaensen certainly kept him honest. I really hope this becomes a Delaware Speedway late fall race in 2020. Nice way to end the season.


150 Winner West Bertozzi 4cyl dirt modified    Branden Crumbie 4cyl Porsche Mini Stock     Craig Cole #55 hard crash into front stretch wall

Picture from Chris Culos


– It’s too bad the dirt modified of Chris Hebert #7, had engine problems in practice. That car was flying around the speedway a full second faster than the second place car. Chris is also a Delaware Speedway Late model driver

– Bill Brekelmans #07 and Shawn Fucile #1 Bone Stocks, had nice top 5 runs in the 150

– Regular Late Model runner Terry Jacques #21 had a great run in the 100-lap race. Qualified a strong 5th and ran near the front until the car lost the handling and became very loose

– Hope people took notice on the 2nd place runner in the 150. Branden Crumbie #64 Mini Stock Porsche. Not usually a car you see in oval track racing. Car was quick though, getting the runner up position

– West Bertozzi #9K was another strong runner in the 150, grabbing the win, making up 14 laps & getting to the front by lap 90

– What a move by Ray Morneau #03 late in the Late Model race to grab 3rd. Especially in a car that was hurting!

– Good run by non regular Patrick Freel #18 LM, in racing to a 4th place finish. Being from London, he would make a nice addition to the Friday night fields

– Nice to see veteran Shawn McGlynn #1 LM back at the track. Another driver, I would love to see back at Delaware on a regular basis again

-Shawn Ritchie #3 made his 2nd start this year at Delaware, but unfortunatly had contact with the backstretch wall. It will get better Shawn!

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This will be the last weekly issue of TRACKSIDE for 2019. The next Issue will be early November 2019, where we will cover the 2019 Delaware Speedway Banquet. Over the winter, TRACKSIDE will be monthly.

Until next issue, Bob, Steve

Any comment, suggestions, news, topic’s, welcome. Please feel free to contact me at

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Jared Doxtator 1978 - 2019

Since 2005 race fans, drivers and teams have been blessed with having Jared Doxtator as part of their lives. His contagious smile, laugh and general upbeat persona was something to be looked forward to whether he was calling a race or just being a fan.

Tragically we lost Jared yesterday and we must say goodbye to our amazing friend. He often referred to his time in the announcers booth as his dream job and he gave it his all every single night as he felt the fans and driver’s deserved it. A lifelong race fan, Jared shared his passion with us all and for that we will always be truly grateful.

The racing family is a tight knit group because of people like Jared. You will be incredibly missed by everyone but surely never forgotten. Friday nights will never feel the same but we thank you so much for sharing your passion with us.

From everyone at Delaware Speedway we send our condolences to all friends and family. Thank you Jared, we love you.

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Final Races of the 2019 Delaware Season

West Bertozzi #9K Wins the 2019 Icemaker Open 150, Jake Sheridan #52 Wins 2019 Late Model Special

On a clear dry Saturday afternoon on September 28th, the final races of the 2019 Delaware Season got under way with the Ice Maker 4-cylinder 150 Lap Enduro followed by the 100 Lap Late Model special and ended with Spectator King of the Hill. It was an awesome field of Cars and good crowd to cheer on there favorite drivers, or attended for the first time.

For the Ice Maker 4-cylinder 150 Lap Enduro they started with group qualification to determine speed to set the starting line up.

Ice Maker 4-cylinder Enduro Qualifying Top Five

Marshall Hereygers #31, Brandon Crumbie #64, West Bertozzi #9K, Bob Tolton #13, Craig Cole #55 

Ice Maker 4-cylinder 150 Lap – Feature

This race was very interesting. With a different starting procedure, some of the faster cars were back 15 laps before they even got to start the race, based on their qualifying times. The #33 car of Tate O’Leary led to the green and had a 1 lap advantage before the next car was released. At lap 13, the red flag came out with the 33 of O’Leary stopped in a precarious position on the track with a flat tire. When the green flag came back out, Joe Kicks in his trusty #12 Saturn took over the lead. Action was all over the track, with the fastest cars trying desperately trying to unlap themselves and gain position on the leaders. On lap 54, the top 5 were Joe Kicks #12, Dan Storey #61, Tate O’Leary #33, Chris French #54 and Bill Brekelmans #07.  Kicks was still leading on lap 73, but Shawn Fucile #1 was now in the runner-up spot.  During the first half, some of the quick qualifiers, like West Bertozzi #9K and Brandon Crumbie #64, in his 4cylinder Porsche were making masterful moves through traffic to try and gain back their laps and close in on the leading positions. At lap 80, with Joe Kicks #12 in the lead, the Red flag was thrown for a mandatory break. Cars were directed to pit road for a 10-minute timed break to take on fuel and tires to complete this exciting event. Everyone kept their position, but the cars were now bunched together.  In a terrific drive, West Bertozzi #9K took over the lead on lap 90, erasing his 14-lap deficit. With two-thirds of the race over at lap 100, the top 5 were Bertozzi #9K, Fucile #1, Brekelmans #07, Mike Howard #3 and Jordan Willms #92. The red flag came out on lap 125 with a vicious crash on the front straight as Craig Cole #55 slammed the wall. The car was severely damaged and was towed into the pit area. Second quick qualifier Brandon Crumbie #64 was making his moves toward the front and moved into 3rd on lap 132 and then into 2nd on lap 135. He then set his sights on Bertozzi.   At the finish of 150 laps, West Bertozzi #9K won the 2019 Icemaker Open 150, with Brandon Crumbie #64 closing fast, one lap down for 2nd and strong runs by Bill Brekelmans #07, 3rd Shawn Fucile #1 in 4th and Bob Tolton #13 in 5th ,all 2 laps down.

Late Model Special – Qualifying Top Five

Gary Adriaensen #55, Jake Sheridan #52, Matt Robblee #51, Jaden Chapman #13, Terry Jacques #21

Late Model Special – 100 Lap Feature

A late edition to the 2019 season ending show, was a 100 lap Late Model Special.  Coming down for the green flag, it was Kris Lawrence in brother Jo’s, Delaware Championship winning #78 and veteran Shawn McGlynn #1 on the front row. Lawrence grabbed the early lead on lap 1, but McGlynn came fighting back on the outside. The pair ran side by side for a few laps before Lawrence finally took over. Behind them, there was a fierce battle for 2nd through 10th. At lap 10, Lawrence was still in command but Jake Sheridan #52 had moved into 2nd place with Gary Adriaensen #55 into 3rd. Lawrence and Sheridan were in a dead heat at the line on lap 13 and Sheridan moved into the lead on lap 14. The running order at this point was Sheridan #52, Adriaensen #55, Lawrence #78 slipping back to 3rd, McGlynn #1 in 4th, Matt Robblee #51 in 5th and Terry Jacques #21 a strong 6th.  Quarter of the race complete, it was Sheridan and Adriaensen fighting for the lead with a 10-car length lead over the rest of the pack. Patrick Freel #18 was looking strong as he moved up to 4th. First caution on lap 31 when 2nd place runner Adriaensen spun in corner 2. Another caution on lap 42 when Steven Macvoy #92 spun. Just over halfway, Sheridan had built up a 12-car length lead over Kris Lawrence, with Adriaensen storming from the back into the top 5. Laps were winding down as Adriaensen was climbing back into 2nd position, on lap 75. The front two leaders were slowly pulling away from the pack with some very quick lap times. Red flag came out on lap 90 as Shawn Ritchie #3 went head on into the back-stretch wall, with major front-end damage. At lap 93, caution was out for Terry Jacques, who had been fighting a loose race car all day, spun on the backstretch and was clipped by the #70 of Piper Adams.  Both cars retired to the pit area. Another caution on lap 94 when the cars of Marshall Schrenk #22 and Matt Robblee #51 connected on the back stretch with Schrenk into the wall, with body damage. With 3 laps to go, Jaden Chapman #13, who was strong all day and Patrick Freel #18 came together in turn 3, allowing Ray Morneau #03 to make a great move under both of them to grab 3rd spot. At the finish, it was Jake Sheridan #52, Gary Adriaensen #55, Ray Morneau #03, Patrick Freel #18 and Jaden Chapman #13 rounding out the top 5.

This closes out the 2019 Delaware Speedway racing season. It has been a terrific season, which started out with a lot of weather problems. A resurgence of car counts highlighted the season in most divisions which bodes well for 2020.

2019 Championship Banquet – Everyone is welcome

Date:                    Saturday, October 26th

Location:             Best Western Conference Centre Located on the Southeast corner of highway #4 and #401

Everyone is welcome to attend the banquet including drivers, teams, sponsors, spectators, and employees! The event will feature open seating with tables of eight.

Registered 2019 Delaware Speedway drivers will receive one free admission; additional tickets are available for $50 per person.

Doors open at 6:00pm with dinner being served at 7:00pm and awards getting started at 8:00pm.


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