Canada Day Sifton 100 Format & Intent to Compete Posted

kennedywinJune 17, 2013

The annual Canada Day Race at Delaware Speedway is always one to look forward to.  This season’s Sifton 100 promises to be exciting as ever, inviting drivers from across the region into competition in the special invitational event.  The race is the first major FT Garage Late Model invitational of the season.

The race runs on Friday, June 28, 2013.

The race format was released in the drivers meeting on Friday as well as to the website.  The information is located here.

VISITORS: File an Intent to Compete to Save the Race Registration!

The intent to compete for visiting drivers to per-register to save the race registration fee and be listed in the program is located here.  Registered Delaware Speedway drivers do not need to file an intent to compete.

Visitors Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting cars for the Sifton 100:

Visiting cars must conform to their home track rules, Except for the following




ASA & SPEC ENGINE 2950lbs 57%
Factory Crate:                


M6007-D347SR Delaware Built

2800lbs 57%
Factory Crate:


2625lbs 60%
Factory Crate: 2725lbs 57%


Other Notes:

a)   Four Piston Calipers add 25lbs

b)   Straight rail chassis add 25lbs and 56% left side weight.

c)    ½ -4” engine set back add 25lbs.

Allowance of 1% of total weight (i.e. 1% of minimum specified pre-race weight) will be allowed on events of 50 laps or more.

Rear weight may not exceed 50%.

All cars must have an operational 6400 RPM rev chip

All cars must use Delaware Speedway Tires