Adam Quarrie

In 1996, Beal High School auto teacher Doug Stewart started a program that allowed auto students at the London school to learn about race cars during classroom time, and one of his pupils was Adam Quarrie (#6) of Dorhester.  The student worked hard on the car, and in 1999 Quarrie was given a chance behind the wheel.

Unfortunately for Quarrie, who was a teenager at the time, the program was halted after just one season.  Nevertheless, Adam had a taste of driving and purchased his own car which he races from 2000 until 2006 before backing away from the sport to start a family.

After the hiatus Quarrie purchased another car and worked on it for two years before returning to competition, and after steady improvement, finally broke through on the next-to-last night of the 2011 season.  The wire-to-wire win marks his first career feature checkered flag, and for Quarrie, that victory was the highlight of his career, as he said, “It almost still doesn’t feel like we won, but I think that has given myself and our team so much confidence.  We know we’re quick enough to win, and now all we want is that second win.  We worked on the car during the winter to try and find a little bit more speed, but I know we’re quick enough now.”

Quarrie’s marketing partners include Sandy Krueger Real Estate, Tilco Electric, and FT Garage, and he’s known for having a small crew at the track.  He feels that makes his team tighter, “We don’t have a lot of guys standing around doing nothing.  Everyone on our team has a job to do and when we’ve had a good night the guys know that they’ve all contributed.”

Ever since Quarrie arrived on the scene until today, he’s been seen as an underdog, but as he proved last season, on any given night in 2012, Adam can be the top dog.