It was an exciting, much anticipated night of racing at Delaware Speedway, Saturday August 17th.  The pits were filled with the visiting ISMA Supermodifieds, Delaware local Transaxle Super Stocks and the visiting OSCAAR open Wheel Modifieds. With the stands packed, the hillside adorned with race fans of all ages settled in for a great evening of racing.  The roar of the engines exemplified by the ISMA Supermodifieds, in support of the Harvey Lennox Memorial, who drove the Tammy 10 at Delaware in the early days of the quarter mile track.  A great evening was had by all who attended!

The racing began with time trials for the Delaware Transaxle Super Stocks. David McCullough in his #39 coming out on top, just ahead of points leader Trevor Collver.

Heat races were next up for the OSCAAR Open Wheel Modifieds and the ISMA Supermodifieds


Heat 1 – Points leader AJ Emms in the #14 took the first heat over Dale Reinhardt #51

Heat 2 – Anthony DiBello #16 picked up first place in the second heat



Heat 1 – Ryan Coniam in the Lichty #74 picked up the first heat over Mike Ordway #61

Heat 2 – Points leader Mike Lichty #84 took the second heat over Ben Seitz in the beautiful Soule #32





Delaware Transaxle Super Stocks were first up with their 50 lap Feature. Must have been a full moon somewhere as the race was a wild one.  Kathleen Green led them down to green and held off the #51 of Derek Moesker for the first 2 laps. Caution on lap 2 with top runner David McCullough #39 having something break on the right front and headed to the pits for repairs.  Also, at this point another top runner Rick Verberne in the #21 headed to the pits. Both McCullough and Verberne returned to the track after the teams did amazingly quick repairs.  McCullough #39, at this point was 1 lap down as he was lapped before the caution appeared as he slowly circled the track before heading to the pits.  On the restart Moesker #51 got by Green #16 to lead lap 3 but was edged out at the line by points leader Trevor Collver #1 who led lap 4. Moesker was not to be denied and held off the charge to retake the lead on lap 5 and fought back all challenges until lap 14. Collver #1, who has been extremely fast all year, finally got by the fast improving Moesker #51 to grab back the lead again on lap 15. Caution on lap 16 with the #51 and the #07 of Jamie Klumper tangled in turn 4, with no damage. Caution came out again on lap 19 as leader Collver #1 was helped around and spun in turn 2. Most cars got by, but the #19 of Geoff Chant had no where to go and broadsided the stopped car of Collver #1. The hard luck season of Geoff Chant continued as he was towed off to the pits.  Major damage to the points leader Collver #1 and he was also towed to the pits. On the restart on lap 20, rookie Ryan Bright #45 grabbed the lead before Andrew Ferreira #9 took over 2 laps later.  At this point the race settled down into a rhythm with top five being Ferreira, Klumper, Bright, Moesker and Brittany Beatty #14.  They remained that way to the finish at 50 laps, with Andrew Ferreira # 9 getting his 3rd win of the season.



16 cars were in the 40 lap Feature for the 2nd appearance this year of the Open Wheel Modifieds at Delaware Speedway. They did not disappoint. Anthony DiBello #16 led them to green, with Dale Reinhardt #51 taking over the lead on lap 4. Jason Keen #18 followed him to move into 2nd place with DiBello dropping back to 3rd. At the quarter point of the race, it was Reinhardt #51, Keen #18, Dibello #16, Jeff Showler #4 and Justin Demelo #82 rounding out the top 5. At 20 laps, Reinhardt had a quarter lap lead over 2nd place Keen, who in turn had a 15-car length lead over the remaining top 6 who were battling furiously for positions. Separate cautions on laps 25, 26, and 27 shuffled the top 5 as Demelo had a flat tire and Dibello moved into 2nd place.  When the green flew again, the #99 of Luke Gignac was now closing in on the top 5. With 10 laps to go, Keen #18 moved back into 2nd and AJ Emms #14 was making his presence felt with a move into 4th.   Lap 36, Emms moved into 3rd and started to close in on the second place runner Keen. At the finish line, it was Dale Reinhardt #51 with a commanding 10 car length lead over 2nd place Jason Keen #18, fast closing, points leader AJ Emms #14, early leader Anthony Dibello #16 and Jeff Showler #4 gaining a top 5 spot.



13 fire breathing Supermodifieds took to the half mile for their 75 lap feature and the Harvey Lennox Memorial Trophy.  Local driver Mark Sammut #78 and Mike Ordway #61 led them to green, Sammut grabbed the lead until a caution on lap 2 slowed the race, when the #19 of Trent Stephens stopped in turn 4, with mechanical issues, and out for the night. Sammut #78 continued to lead with Ordway #61 all over him trying to get by. Caution was back out on lap 10 when the 74 of Ryan Coniam stopped in turn 4 also. He was pushed to the pits and out for the night. Laps went smoothly as the lead pair distanced themselves from the field. Lap 20 showed Ben Seitz in the #32 moving into 4th with points leader Mike Lichty #84 going into 5th , 3 laps later. Local runner Mike Ling, in Mark Sammut’s new car, renumbered #18 retired to the pits for the evening. On lap 30, Mike Ordway made his move and drove around the #78 of Mark Sammut, with Timmy Jedrezejek #97 also closing on the #78. Jedrezejek #97 hounded Sammut before retiring to the pits on lap 37. At the halfway point it was Ordway #61, Sammut #78, Seitz #32, Lichty #84 and Kyle Edwards #11 rounding out the top 5.  Racing went caution free at this point with Mike Ordway, seemingly in another time zone from the rest of the battling cars. By lap 70, Seitz #32 and Lichty #84 were all over the 2nd place runner Sammut #78.   At the 75th lap finish, it was Mike Ordway in Clyde Booths #61, with a huge three-quarter lap lead over Mark Sammut #78, Mike Lichty #84, Ben Seitz #32, Kyle Edwards #11 and Mike McVetta #22 rounding out the top 6. They were the only cars running on the lead lap at this point.


Pictures by Chris Culos and Dave Franks