Highlights Opening night of the 68th Race Season at Delaware Speedway


Friday May 17th Opening night of the 68th Season at Delaware Speedway. Sunshine, cool temperatures greeted fans and racers, following the two previous attempts impacted by mother nature, it was a welcome sound of race cars and truck on the track.

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Feature 1: Red flagged on lap 2, after Matt Langford lost a right rear wheel in turns 3-4. Kris Lawrence in the lead when on lap 15, rookie Ryan Decloet slammed along front stretch of wall. Kris Lawrence held off Nathan Rhea. Checkered flag taken by 50 – Kris Lawrence; 26 – Nathan Rhea; 55 – Craig Cole; 92- Jordan Willms; 77- Bret Pelley

Feature 2: Mike Ebert #87 takes the green as the top 8 cars run in a pack ahead of the rest of the filed. Top 8 run nose to tail into middle potion of the race when #92 Willms takes over lead. Kris Lawrence #50 passes #92 Willms with three laps to go, #92 Willms retakes the lead and fight to the finish with #50 Lawrence edging out #92 Willms at the line. Checkered flag taken by 50 – Kris Lawrence; 92 – Jordan Willms; 73 – Jordan Morris; 13 – Murray Anger; 26 – Nathan Rhea; 87 – Mike Ebert

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Feature 1: Paul Fothergill #33 grabbed the lead from pole position, holding the lead till lap 7 when retired due to mechanical issues. Barry Watson # 45 inherited the lead and led the remaining laps. Checkered flag taken by 45 – Barry Watson; 00 – Cody Payne; 28 – Steve Aubertin; 07 – Bill Brekelmans 29 – Ray Janisse Jr. 

Feature 2: Barry Watson on the pole for second feature races to a ten car lead over the #28 Steve Aubertin. Aubertin closes in, to within five car lengths to Watson but could get no closer. Watson leads all twenty laps to win second feature of the night. Checkered flag taken by 45 – Barry Watson; 28 – Steve Aubertin; 07 – Bill Brekelmans; 29 – Ray Janisse; 4 – Jody Mason

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Feature 1: Lucas Manning #66 lead from his pole position and held off Garry Zagorodny until lap 6 who lead the remaining laps. Checkered flag taken by 77 – Tom Zagorodny; 66 – Luca Manning 44 – Jacob Campbell;   4 – Lonny Thompson; 18 – Austin Gauld

Feature 2: Jacob Campbell #44 leads the pack to the green. Lucas Manning #66 takes lead in lap one going into turn 3. On lap 4 Tom Zagorodny #77 takes lead to the finish. Checkered flag taken by 77 – Tom Zagorodny; 66 – Lucas Manning; 18 – Austin Gauld; 4 – Lonny Thompson; 28 – Ryan Dyson 

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Feature 1:  Jamie Klumper # 07 led from the pole for what was a real barnburner. Rick Verberne #21 was all over the tail of the #07. First caution out for Devon Jarvis #88. On restart Verberne # 21 and Ferreira # 9 get buy Klumper # 07. Ferriera gets by #21 and leads remainder coming to the checkered, when Verbene nudges Ferreira who spins out. Both go to the back of the pack. Restart is Green, White Chekcer, Klumper inherits the number one position and leads a frantic two lap dash to the checkered flag taken by : 07 – Jamier Klumper; 1 – Trevor Collver; 39 – David McCullough; 93 – Gary Zwygers; 88 – Devin Jarvis

Feature 2: Rick Verberne #21 leads from the pole position with Andrew Ferreira #9 hot on his tail. Ferreia takes over the lead on lap 7 and leads remaining laps to the finish. Trevor Collver #1 gets by Verbenne for second place. Checkered flag taken by 9 – Andrew Ferreria; 1 – Trevor Collver; 21 – Rick Verberne; 39 – David McCullough; 07 – Jamie Klumper