Four Champions Crowned on September 7th


A season of hard work, dedication, grind, sweat, and tears come down to this moment. For some the hopes of becoming champion in 2018 are crushed, but for a select few championship night will be a night they never forget as their names are forever engraved into the history books. In the Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE Late Models it is the battle of the seasoned veteran versus the rookie. Longtime Delaware Speedway standout, champion, and winner Jesse Kennedy (#10) squared off against rookie star Jake Sheridan (#52) with just two points separating them at the time of the first green flag. In the TransAxle Super Stocks, Gary Adriaensen (#55) looked to add a second championship while Barry Watson (#45) searched for his third straight in the Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks. By starting a race, Tom Zagorodny (#77) locked up the Demar Aggregates Truck Series title after a dominant season.

Group qualifying sessions offered drivers a chance to score some very valuable points with five on the line for the pole, four for second, and so on. Drivers were also fighting for starting positions in the first round of feature races. The Demar Aggregates Truck Series was first up to qualify as Tom Zagorodny set a new track record with a fast time of 21.482. In the Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks it was Paul Fothergill (#33) setting quick time with a 21.450. Gary Adriaensen all but solidified his championship by setting fast time and extending his points lead to 20 markers. In the Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE Late Models it was Jake Sheridan erasing the points lead by setting the fast time with Kennedy clocking in third.

The Demar Aggregates Truck Series was first up in the evening’s rotation as Rob Windis (#29) led the field to life off of turn four. Windis would lead the opening laps as Lucas Manning (#66) trailed behind. The first caution of the night came out on lap 16 when Lucas Manning got loose entering turn one and collected Tom Zagorodny. Both trucks continued the race after the altercation. A wild last lap saw Tom Zagorodny fall off the pace while racing for the lead and Mickey Brydges (#55) also slow, allowing Rob Windis to cruise to victory lane. 

The first 25 lap feature event for the Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks saw Cody Payne (#00) starting on the pole. Barry Watson took off right away from the high side and jumped out to a sizeable margin before Paul Fothergill moved into second and worked on closing the gap. Paul Fothergill slowed on lap 16 as he was closing the gap and entered the infield, unofficially crowning Barry Watson the 2018 champion. Jeremy Taggart (#11) closed the gap in the closing stages but would fall short as Barry Watson scored the victory with Cody Payne finishing third.

TransAxle Super Stock action kicked off with David McCullough (#39) and Matt Robblee (#51) on the front row. The first caution came out on lap two when several cars tangled in turn one including Gary Zwygers (#93) and Geoff Chant (#19). Trevor Collver (#1) took the lead on lap three, just before a caution on lap six for Darrell Lake (#77) going around in turn one with a flat tire. Contact on lap 12 sent Rick Verberne (#21) around in turn four, bringing out the yellow flag for the second time in the race. With 10 laps to go contact between Andrew Ferreira and Trevor Collver saw the two get stuck together, but they would separate and continue on in the same positions. Debris from the contact brought out the yellow on lap 17. Samantha Pilkey (#10) went around on lap 19, bringing out the caution flag. Another few cautions before five to to slowed the race pace with Collver continuing to lead. Trevor Collver would win the event with Gary Adriaensen and Andrew Ferreira finishing behind.

The final race of the first round of features saw the Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE Late Models on track with Scott O’Connor (#23) starting on pole. Jesse Kennedy took the lead right away before the caution flew on lap one for Scott O’Connor going around in turn one. Kennedy and Ray Morneau Jr. took off right away as Jake Sheridan sliced through the field after being sent to the rear for the previous yellow.  Kennedy would win the race with Morneau Jr. and Lloyd Rawlings (#69) finishing behind.

After intermission it was time to get down to business with the final round of feature races in 2018s weekly points season for the four divisions in attendance. The Demar Aggregates Trucks once again led off the top of the order with Randy Thompson (#1) starting on the pole. Lucas Manning took the lead early as Tom Zagorodny tucked into line behind. The race for the lead became a three truck battle as Mickey Brydges joined the fight with eight laps to go. Lucas Manning would hold off all challengers to earn the victory as Mickey Brydges and Tom Zagorodny rounded off the podium.

The Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks rolled off with Steve Aubertin (#28) at the controls of the field. Dustin Hardy (#21) took the lead early but was passed by Jeremy Taggart (#11) just before lap ten. Taggart began to walk away from the field rapidly as he searched for his first career win. The 2018 champion, Barry Watson, slowed on lap 22 with a fire under the car and came to a stop, bringing out the yellow flag and erasing Taggart’s huge lead. Jeremy Taggart would score the win, his first career victory, with Cody Payne and Steve Aubertin behind.

A barn burner of a race for the TransAxle Super Stocks began with Jason Lidster (#11) on the pole. Lidster would lead the opening four laps before going around in turn four on lap four. Jamie Klumper (#07) inherited the lead with Rick verberne beside him. There was trouble on the restart as the field went three wide into turn three and several cars went around including the race leader, Jamie Klumper. The restart saw Andrew Ferreira out front with Darrell Lake following behind him. Trevor Collver made contact with the outside wall on lap 14 and went around in turn one with a flat tire, bringing out the yellow flag. Andrew Ferreira would hold off Gary Adriaensen to win the feature race with Rick Verberne finishing in third.

The final race of the night saw the Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE Late Models in action as the gap stood at six points between Sheridan and Kennedy. Jaden Chapman (#13) led the field to life as Lloyd Rawlings was turned off of turn two and hit the tires at the entrance to the infield. As the field came to the red flag Ray Morneau Jr. and Jake Sheridan made contact after Morneau Jr. lost brakes, resulting in the night ending for both and the championship hopes ending for Sheridan. The restart saw Scott O’Connor take the lead with Jo Lawrence (#24) and Jesse Kennedy behind. Lawrence moved O’Connor for the lead on lap 12, sliding him back to the third spot. Kennedy began to look for a way around Lawrence as five laps to go approached but the 24 car continued to close the door. Lawrence would hold on for the win with Kennedy and O’Connor behind.

Next weekend is the annual Great Canadian Race Weekend with two nights of racing action on Friday, September 14th and Saturday, September 15th. Information and lineup can be found on See all the weekly series in action Friday night including points races for the Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks and a Super Stock special invitational. Saturday will see a champion crowned in the APC United Late Model Series’ 100 Kellogg Championship Event Presented by Maple City Tire. The ROC Sportsman Modifieds are also in action as a part of Saturday’s event.

Ryan Dyson – DelawareSpeedway PR

Photos by Dave Franks Photography


Top 10 report:

Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE Late Models:

Feature 1: 1. #10 Jesse Kenendy; 2. #03 Ray Morneau Jr.; 3. #69 Lloyd Rawlings; 4. #52 Jake Sheridan; 5. #24 Jo Lawrence; 6. #23 Scott O’Connor; 7. #13 Jaden Chapman; 8. #31 Chris Hebert; 9. #5 Kevin Lay; 10. #28 Tate O’Leary

Feature 2: 1. #24 Jo Lawrence; 2. #10 Jesse Kennedy; 3. #23 Scott O’Connor; 4. #13 Jaden Chapman; 5. #31 Chris Hebert; 6. #69 Lloyd Rawlings; 7. #28 Tate O’Leary; 8. #5 Kevin Lay; 9. #52 Jake Sheridan; 10. #03 Ray Morneau Jr.

TransAxle Super Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #1 Trevor Collver; 2. #55 Gary Adriaensen; 3. #9 Andrew Ferreira; 4. #51 Matt Robblee; 5. #21 Rick Verberne; 6. #77 Darrell Lake; 7. #07 Jamie Klumper; 8. #16 Kathleen Green; 9. #14 Brittany Beatty; 10. #11 Jason Lidster

Feature 2: 1. #9 Andrew Ferreira; 2. #55 Gary Adriaensen; 3. #21 Rick Verberne; 4. #39 David McCullough; 5. #51 Matt Robblee; 6. #77 Darrell Lake; 7. #1 Trevor Collver; 8. #11 Jason Lidster; 9. #07 jamie Klumper; 10. #16 Kathleen Green

Demar Aggregates Trucks:

Feature 1: 1. #29 Rob Windis; 2. #55 Mickey Brydges; 3. #44 Jacob Campbell; 4. #77 Tom Zagorodny; 5. #66 Lucas Manning; 6. #1 Randy Thompson; 7. #15 Will Marche

Feature 2: 1. #66 Lucas Manning; 2. #55 Mickey Brydges; 3. #77 Tom Zagorodny; 4. #29 Rob Windis; 5. #44 Jacob Campbell; 6. #1 Randy Thompson; 7. #15 Will Marche

Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #45 Barry Watson; 2. #11 Jeremy Taggart; 3. #00 Cody Payne; 4. #21 Dustin Hardy; 5. #28 Steve Aubertin; 6. #8 Manny Ferreira; 7. #23 Jeff Ferguson; 8. #33 Paul Fothergill

Feature 2: 1. #11 Jeremy Taggart; 2. #00 Cody Payne; 3. #28 Steve Aubertin; 4. #21 Dustin Hardy; 5. #23 Jeff Ferguson; 6. #8 Manny Ferreira; 7. #45 Barry Watson; 8. #33 Paul Fothergill