August Ends With a Bang at Delaware


The penultimate event in the 2018 hunt to become a Delaware Speedway track champion saw a jam packed card as four divisions were in attendance as well as the Crown Rust Control Junior Racing League and a special King of the Hill Spectators Race with a pair of 2019 season passes on the line. August 31st racing showcased the highs and lows of motorsports as each series raced a pair of 25 lap features, all of which were for crucial championship points.

Group qualifying took place before opening ceremonies as each series had just three minutes on the track for drivers to lay down their fastest time. The Demar Aggregates Trucks were first in the evenings rotation as Tom Zagorodny (#77) set fast time, clocking in at a 21.588 over Mickey Brydges (#55). In Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stock qualifying it was Derek Moesker (#51) timing in with a 23.882, one of the fastest times that has been run all season in the division. A new track record was set in the Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks as Paul Fothergill (#33) surpassed the old mark of 21.492, running a 21.487. Fothergill would tie the point standings with his point in the qualifying session. Gary Adriaensen (#55) extended his points lead by winning the pole in TransAxle Super Stock qualifying over Trevor Collver (#1).

The first feature race of the night saw the Demar Aggregates Trucks on track with Randy Thompson (#1) on the pole alongside Jacob Campbell (#44). Randy Thompson led the early portion of the race as Tom Zagorodny pressured from behind while Lucas Manning (#66) lurked from behind. Mickey Brdyges (#55) took to the high side with five laps to go as the front four trucks ran within a tenth of a second of each other. Thomspon would lead wire to wire to earn the win, his first of the 2018 season and first in 20 years with Zagorodny and Manning behind.

The always exciting and chaotic Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks started off their first 25 lap event with Jeremiah Rabideau (#4) on the pole. Derek Moesker (#51) took the lead off the start as Jason Lovie (#21c) trailed behind. By the halfway point, Lovie had caught Moesker and began searching for a way around as Craig Cole worked his way into third. The race would go green from start to finish and Moesker became the second driver of the night to lead every lap en route to victory lane as Lovie and Cole rounded off the podium spots.

Entering the evening, just one point separated the front two drivers in the Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stock Series, and after qualifying that margin was zero. Steve Aubertin (#28) led the field to green but it was disaster right off of the start as Paul Fothergill’s championship hopes went up in smoke down the back straightaway bringing out the caution for the first time on the evening. Barry Watson took over the race lead on lap fours Jeremy Taggart (#11) moved into second just a few laps later. Late in the race, Cody Payne (#00) moved into second and began to close the gap on race leader Barry Watson. Watson would later extend his lead and roll into victory lane with Payne and Taggart rounding out the top three spots.

The TransAxle Super Stocks completed the first round of feature events as Gary Zwygers (#93) rolled off from the front row beside Andrew Ferreira (#9). There was trouble on the start as Devin Jarvis (#88) and Geoff Chant (#19) went hard into the inside wall, bringing out the caution. Andrew Ferreira took the lead on lap two as Trevor Collver (#1) followed through and worked to chase him down. Andrew Ferreira would hold on to score the win with Trevor Collver and Gary Adriaensen finishing behind.

The second round of feature races saw the Demar Aggregates Truck Series back in action with Jacob Campbell starting on the pole. Mickey Brydges would take the lead off the start as Tom Zagorodny followed behind. Zagorodny took the lead at the halfway point and immediately pulled away from he field. The race would run green to the end with Zagorodny scoring the victory over Brydges and Lucas Manning.

The Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks second 25 lap feature started with Kassy Howard (#59) on the pole. Bill Brekelmans took the lead right away with print Pelley (#7) trailing behind. The lead would change hands once again on lap five as Derek Moesker worked his way to the inside. On lap 18 there was trouble on the front straightaway as Jordan Willms (#92) made contact with Brian Brooks (#36) and sent him hard into the inside wall. The most horrific crash of the 2018 season took place on lap 23 as Jason Lovie made contact with the outside wall off of turn four and the car barrel rolled eight to ten times down the front straightaway before finally coming to a rest after the start finish line. Jason was able to walk away from the terrifying incident to the roar of the large crowd. Another late yellow came on lap 23 as a car lost a tire off of turn two. The green-white-checkered finish ended with Derek Moesker holding off Craig Cole for the win as Bill Brekelmans finished third.

In the second Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stock feature it was Dustin Hardy (#21) starting on the pole. Hardy continued to lead as points leader Barry Watson began to slide back with an issue on his 45 car. Jeremy Taggart pressured for the lead and made contact on lap nine resulting in hardy getting into the outside wall. Hardy threw his car into the corner, spinning Taggart and bringing out the caution. Both cars were brought down pit road for a consultation for their actions and sent to the rear of the field. Cody Payne inherited the lead but lost the spot on the restart, before once again regaining it two laps later. Payne would go on to score his first career victory with Steve Aubertin and Jeremy Taggart rounding out the top three.

The TransAxle Super Stocks capped off the weekly racing portion as Jamie Klumper (#007) led the field to life. Before a lap was completed, a stack-up resulted in Kathleen Green (#16) going around off of turn four. Three drivers led in the early stages of the race before Gary Adriaensen took the spot and checked out on the field as battles ensued behind. Adriaensen would go on to score the win with Rick Verberne (#21) and Andrew Ferreira finishing behind.

The King of the Hill Spectators Race was won by Josh in a Neon, he scored a pair of 2019 season passes to Delaware Speedway.

Next week the Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE Late Models, TransAxle Super Stocks, Demar Aggregates Trucks, and Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks are in action to crown the 2018 champions for each of the four series. A full night of racing gets started at 7:30pm and advance tickets are available on

Ryan Dyson – DelawareSpeedway PR

Photos by Dave Franks Photography


Top 10 report:

TransAxle Super Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #9 Andrew Ferreira; 2. #1 Trevor Collver; 3. #55 Gary Adriaensen; 4. #39 David McCullough; 5. #51 Matt Robblee; 6. #21 Rick Verberne; 7. #16 Kathleen Green; 8. #93 Gary Zwygers; 9. #007 Jamie Klumper; 10. #19 Geoff Chant

Feature 2: 1. #55 Gary Adriaensen; 2. #21 Rick Verberne; 3. #9 Andrew Ferreira; 4. #39 David McCullough; 5. #51 Matt Robblee; 6. #1 Trevor Collver; 7. #93 Gary Zwygers; 8. #16 Kathleen Green; 9. #007 Jamie Klumper; 10. #88 Devin Jarvis

Demar Aggregates Trucks:

Feature 1: 1. #1 Randy Thompson; 2. #77 Tom Zagorodny; 3. #66 Lucas Manning; 4. #55 Mickey Brydges; 5. #44 Jacob Campbell; 6. #15 Will Marche

Feature 2: 1. #77 Tom Zagorodny; 2. #55 Mickey Brydges; 3. #66 Lucas Manning; 4. #1 Randy Thompson; 5. #44 Jacob Campbell; 6. #15 Will Marche

Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #45 Barry Watson; 2. #00 Cody Payne; 3. #11 Jeremy Taggart; 4. #28 Steve Aubertin; 5. #21 Dustin Hardy; 6. #32 Shawn Fucile; 7. #8 Manny Ferreira; 8. #23 Jeff Ferguson; 9. #33 Paul Fothergill

Feature 2: 1. #00 Cody Payne; 2. #28 Steve Aubertin; 3. #11 Jeremy Taggart; 4. #45 Barry Watson; 5. #21 Dustin Hardy; 6. #32 Shawn Fucile; 7. #8 Manny Ferreira; 8. #23 Jeff Ferguson; 9. #33 Paul Fothergill

Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #51 Derek Moesker; 2. #21c Jason Lovie; 3. #55 Craig Cole; 4. #03 Matt Langford; 5. #007 Bill Brekelmans; 6. #4 Jeremiah Rabideau; 7. #2 Don Tomlinson; 8. #76 Giis Ruiter; 9. #87 Mike Ebert; 10. #36 Brian Brooks

Feature 2: 1. #51 Derek Moesker; 2. #55 Craig Cole; 3. #007 Bill Brekelmans; 4. #03 Matt Langford; 5. #4 Jeremiah Rabideau; 6. #7 Brent Pelley; 7. #87 Mike Ebert; 8. #92 Jordan Willms; 9. #2 Don Tomlinson; 10. #59 Kassy Howard