5 Winners on a Wild Night at Delaware


DELAWARE, ON – Weekly action counted at the historic half-mile on a beautiful Friday, August 10th. The TransAxle Super Stocks, Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks, and Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks were in attendance for more championship points racing.

Group qualifying took place before the scheduled event start time to set the lineups for the first round of feature races. The Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks were first in the rotation with Craig Cole (#55) setting the fastest time at a 23.915. Paul Fothergill earned a very important championship point over Barry Watson by bettering him in Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stock qualifying and Trevor Collver scored the fast time with a 20.548 in TransAxle Super Stock time trials.

The Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks were on deck first to start off the evening’s racing program. Jordan Willms (#75) started on the pole for the first 25 lap race beside points leader Bill Brekelmans (#007). Brekelmans would take the lead to lap four as Willms battled with Derek Moesker (#51) behind. THie first caution of the night came out on lap 11 when Craig Cole went around while battling for a spot in the top five. Derek Moesker took the lead on the restart before a hard crash in turn four on lap 12 for Kassy Haward (#59) as she made heavy contact with the pit road end tire. Brekelmans was able to hold off a charging Matt Langford (#03) for the victory as Derek Moesker, Jordan Morris (#73), and Jordan Willms rounded out the top five.

The Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks ran their first 25 lap feature race with Cody Payne (#00) and Dustin Hardy (#21) on the front row. Steve Aubertin (#28) took the race lead early and worked to hold off a charging Barry Watson and Paul Fothergill. Watson shoved Aubertin out of the lead on lap nine to take over the top position. Watson was able to score the victory and extend his points lead as Fothergill and Payne finished behind.

The final race of the first round of features saw the stars of the TransAxle Super Stocks on track as David McCullough (#39) and Jason Lidster (#11) started on the front row. The caution came out on lap five when Samantha Pilkey nosed into the wall on the exit of turn two. Gary Zwygers spun on lap six bringing out the yellow flag once again. Just as the leaders were battling, the yellow flag was shown again on lap 18 when Geoff Chant (#19) went around in turn two, resetting the field for a restart. David McCullough slipped on lap 23 and Matt Robblee took over the lead. McCullough fell all the way to the fifth position as Collver, and Adriaensen finished behind.

After a brief intermission the action continued with the Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks. Julie Saunders (#84) led the field to life for one of the craziest starts of the entire season as the field went three, four, and five wide. Bill Brekelmans managed to take the race lead on lap one after starting near the rear of the field. As five to go approached, battles developed behind Brekelmans with Craig Cole and Derek Moesker chasing him down. Bill Brekelmans was able to hold on for the win to sweep the night with Craig Cole and Derek Moesker finishing behind him.

After a stellar first feature event, the Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks returned with Angela Grover (#51) and Steve Aubertin on the front row. Coming off of turn four on the final lap, Kyle Mezenberg slid up to the outside wall and rolled onto its roof and then back onto all four wheels. The driver was able to walk away from the scary incident. Several drivers swapped the race lead before Paul Fothergill took it on lap three and checked out on everyone. Fothergill would go on to win the race by a full straightaway with Barry Watson and Jeremy Taggart behind.

The evening’s program was capped off with another 25 lap event for the TransAxle Super Stocks. Jamie Klumper (#07) and Kathleen Green (#16) started on the front row with a hungry field chasing behind. Klumper would take the lead as Gary Zwygers (#93) held off the field for second. David McCullough forced his way through for second on lap 15, shuffling Zwygers back to fourth. Devin Jarvis (#88) spun on lap 19 and brought out the caution, erasing a near straightaway lead for Jamie Klumper. Klumper would hold on for the victory after the restart with David McCullough and Matt Robblee finishing behind.

Next week the weekly divisions will take a break as Delaware Speedway shifts from a Friday show to a Saturday show on August 18th when the ISMA Supermodifieds, the world’s most powerful short track cars, are in attendance for the second leg of the Harvey Lennox Memorial Series. The Ontario Modified Racing Series and Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds will also be in attendance for the night. The event starts at 7:30pm but don’t miss practice and an autograph session before that! Advance tickets are available on www.DelawareSpeedway.com

Ryan Dyson – Delaware Speedway PR


Photos by Dave Franks Photography

Top 10 report:

TransAxle Super Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #51 Matt Robblee; 2. #1 Trevor Collver; 3. #55 Gary Adriaensen; 4. #9 Andrew Ferreira; 5. #39 David McCullough; 6. #21 Rick Verberne; 7. #93 Gary Zwygers; 8. #16 Kathleen Green; 9. #07 Jamie Klumper; 10. #14 Brittany Beatty

Feature 2: 1. #07 Jamie Klumper; 2. #39 David McCullough; 3. #51 Matt Robblee; 4. #9 Andrew Ferreira; 5. #55 Gary Adriaensen; 6. #21 Rick Verberne; 7. #1 Trevor Collver; 8. #11 Jason Lidster; 9. #93 Gary Zwygers; 10. #16 Kathleen Green

Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #45 Barry Watson Name; 2. #33 Paul Fothergill; 3. #00 Cody Payne; 4. #11 Jeremy Taggart; 5. #810 Kyle Mezenberg; 6. #21 Dustin Hardy; 7. #28 Steve Aubertin; 8. #51 Angela Grover; 9. #32 Shawn Fucile; 10. #8 Manny Ferreira

Feature 2: 1. #33 Paul Fothergill; 2. #45 Barry Watson; 3. #11 Jeremy Taggart; 4. #00 Cody Payne; 5. #28 Steve Aubertin; 6. #21 Dustin Hardy; 7. #51 Angela Grover; 8. #32 Shawn Fucile; 9. #810 Kyle Mezenberg; 10. #23 Jeff Ferguson

Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #007 Bill Brekelmans; 2. #03 Matt Langford; 3. #51 Derek Moesker; 4. #73 Jordan Morris; 5. #75 Jordan Willms; 6. #7 Brent Pelley; 7. #61 Dan Storey; 8. #2 Don Tomlinson; 9. #26 Barry Harmer; 10. #17 Jay Chappell

Feature 2: 1. #007 Bill Brekelmans; 2. #55 Craig Cole; 3. #51 Derek Moesker; 4. #03 Matt Langford; 5. #73 Jordan Morris; 6. #75 Jordan Willms; 7. #2 Don Tomlinson; 8. #61 Dan Storey; 9. #7 Brent Pelley; 10. #36 Brian Brooks