Delaware Outlasts the Weather, Again


DELAWARE – ON – Friday, July 27th racing at Delaware Speedway was highlighted by some incredible racing in the Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE Late Models, Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks, and Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks. A King of the Hill and 519DRIVES Exotic Car Club cruise and show and shine were also on tap for the action packed evening.

Group qualifying would set the lineups for the first round of feature races. The Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks were up first with Paul Fothergill (#33) claiming the pole position ahead of Barry Watson (#45) and Jeremy Taggart (#11). Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks qualifying ended with Bill Brekelmans on the pole with a time of 23.993 over Matt Langford (#03) and Craig Cole (#55). The Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE Late Model qualifying session concluded with Jake Sheridan (#52) on top of the board over Jesse Kennedy (#10) and Jo Lawrence (#24).

Feature racing action kicked-off with the Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks as Steve Aubertin (#28) started on the pole position. Barry Watson took the top position to lead lap two. A side by side battle for the lead developed as Paul Fothergill worked the high side for the first half of the race. Rain on lap 12 red flagged the event. The race resumed as Paul Fothergill took control of the lead on lap 13. Fothergill would hold on after a lap 21 restart to score the victory over Watson and David McCullough (#00).

The Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks first 25 lap feature race started with Brent Pelley (#7) on the pole position. The caution flag came out on lap two as Kassy Howard (#59) went around in turn two as Pelley continued to pace the field. The battle up front heated up as halfway approached before Jordan Morris (#73) took the lead on lap 10. The yellow was shown on lap 13, setting up a restart and a dash to the finish. Derek Moesker took the lead on the restart as Brekelmans also joined the fight up front. Moesker would go on to score the victory over Jordan Morris and Bill Brekelmans.

The Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks evening concluded with another 25 lap feature race, right after the first one due to rain. Kassy Howard led the opening 11 circuits of the race. The first yellow flag came out on lap 11 as Jordan Morris made contact with the outside wall. Bill Brekelmans took the race lead on lap 12 and maintain it as a caution came out on lap 17. Bill Brekelmans would lead to the end and survive a few more restarts with Craig Cole and Derek Moesker finishing behind.

The first round of 25 lap feature races concluded with the Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE late Models. Ray Morneau Jr. led the field to the green flag with Kevin Lay on the high side. A caution came out on lap one as Jason Lidster (#11) went around in turn one, resetting the field for a restart. Jo Lawrence would take the lead on the restart but Jake Sheridan and Jesse Kennedy stalked him and applied great amounts of pressure to his back bumper. Kevin Lay crashed hard on lap 20, destroying the front end of his car and bringing out the yellow flag. The restart allowed Jake Sheridan to take the top spot as Lawrence was shuffled back to third. Sheridan would score the win with Kennedy and Lawrence behind.

Once again with the Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks were back on track with Jeff Ferguson (#23) on the pole. Steve Aubertin took the early lead and opened up a sizeable gap over Dustin hardy (#21). Hardy closed the gap with just five laps to go as Barry Watson lurked behind. Watson took over second on lap 17 with Paul Fothergill challenging him. Aubertin would hold off the two in dramatic fashion to score his first career victory.

The final feature of the night was for the Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE Late Models as Jaden Chapman (#13) led the field to green. Chapman led the first lap before Brady Smith (#39) made a bold three wide move to the inside for the top spot. Jesse Kennedy took the lead shortly after but was not able to get away as Smith, Sheridan and Lawrence trailed. The yellow was shown on lap 11 as Tate O’Leary went around in turn one. A great green flag run ended on lap 17 when a stack-up off turn two caused Brady Smith to be turned. Kennedy maintained the lead on the restart and would score the win over Sheridan and Lawrence.

The King of the Hill Spectator Race saw Larry score the win with his Corvette.

Ryan Dyson – DelawareSpeedway PR

Photos by Dave Franks Photography


Top 10 report:

Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE Late Models:

Feature 1: 1. #52 Jake Sherdian; 2. #10 Jesse Kennedy; 3. #24 Jo Lawrence; 4. #39 Brady Smith; 5. #03 Ray Morneau Jr.; 6. #11 Jason Lidster; 7. #13 Jaden Chapman; 8. #23 Scott O’Connor; 9. #31 Chris Hebert; 10. #28 Tate O’Leary

Feature 2: 1. #10 Jesse Kennedy; 2. #52 Jake Sheridan; 3. #24 Jo Lawrence; 4. #13 Jaden Chapman; 5. #03 Ray Morneau Jr.; 6. #39 Brady Smith; 7. #11 Jason Lidster; 8. #31 Chris Hebert; 9. #23 Scott O’Connor; 10. #28 Tate O’Leary

Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #33 Paul Fothergill; 2. #45 Barry Watson; 3. #11 Jeremy Taggart; 4. #00 David McCullough; 5. #21 Dustin Hardy; 6. #8 Andrew Ferreira; 7. #28 Steve Aubertin; 8. #23 Jeff Ferguson; 9. #51 Angela Grover; 10. #810 Kyle Mezenberg

Feature 2: 1. #28 Steve Aubertin; 2. #33 Paul Fothergill; 3. #45 Barry Watson; 4. #21 Dustin Hardy; 5. #11 Jeremy Taggart; 6. #8 Andrew Ferreira; 7. #00 David McCullough; 8. #810 Kyle Mezenberg; 9. #23 Jeff Ferguson; 10. #51 Angela Grover

Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #51 Derek Moesker; 2. #73 Jordan Morris; 3. #007 Bill Brekelmans; 4. #55 Craig Cole; 5. #7 Brent Pelley; 6. #03 Matt Langford; 7. #2 Shawn Fucile; 8. #75 Chris Medlinger; 9. #61 Dan Storey; 10. #74 Stan Cook

Feature 2: 1. #007 Bill Brekelmans; 2. #55 Craig Cole; 3. #51 Derek Moesker; 4. #03 Matt Langford; 5. #75 Chris Medlinger; 6. #73 Jordan Morris; 7. #7 Brent Pelley; 8. #59 Kassy Howard; 9. #74 Stan Cook; 10. #92 Jordan Willms