Photo Finish Highlights Wild Night at Delaware


After what seems like an eternity, the Demar Aggregates Trucks and Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks returned to competition at Delaware Speedway, alongside the TransAxle Super Stocks. Weekly action at the half-mile many call home featured great battles as drivers looked for ever-important championship points in their quest for greatness.

Group qualifying would set the starting lineups for the first round of 25 lap feature races, with each division getting three minutes on the clock. The Demar Aggregates Trucks were first up with Tom Zagorodny (#77) taking the top spot, running a 21.692 ahead of Mickey Brydges (#55) and Rob Windis (#29). The Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks saw Barry Watson (#45) on top of the speed charts with a 21.515 over Jeremy Taggart (#11) and Paul Fothergill (#33). The TransAxle Super Stocks saw a heated battle for the top position but it would be Gary Adriaensen (#55) on top of the board with a 20.493 ahead of Matt Robblee (#51) and David McCullough (#39).

The Demar Aggregates Trucks started off the racing for the evening with a 25 lap race. Tom Zagorodny would lead the field to the green flag and begin to pull away right away. Mickey Brydges and Rob Windis battled for second in the early stages, with Brydges able to hold off the charge and maintain the spot on lap five. Lucas Manning (#66) would go up in smoke on lap 17 and enter the infield, but the race would go green with Tom Zagorodny scoring the win over Brydges and Windis.

The first Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stock feature race began with Paul Fothergill on pole alongside Jeremy Taggart. Fothergill would pull away from the field as Taggart and Watson raced hard for the second spot, all while Cody Payne (#00) charged through the field from the rear and into the fourth spot before lap 10. Fothergill would win the event as Watson finished behind and Jeremy Taggart held off Cody Payne for third.

Gary Adriaensen and Matt Robblee led the field of TransAxle Super Stocks to life. Robblee would take the lead from the high side and the two would check out on the field as Verberne (#21) and McCullough battled behind before the caution came out on lap 6 for a spin by Samantha Pilkey (#10). Adriaensen would get freight trained on the restart before another caution came out on lap 7 for a spin by Gary Zwygers (#93) as he blew a tire off of turn two. The caution was displayed again on lap 14 as Jason Lidster (#11) slowed with a flat tire, ending a great battle in the top five between several drivers. Andrew Ferreira would make a bump and run on the last lap, resulting in a photo finish so close it was forced to go to video review. Ferreira initially reported to victory lane but after a lengthy review, Matt Robblee was called out and officially declared the winner by 0.015 seconds.

After big time drama in the Super Stocks, the Demar Aggregates Trucks kicked-off the second round of features with Rob Windis on the pole. Windis would take the lead early as Zagorodny slotted in behind. Windis made his #29 machine as wide as the race track, blocking the two behind as he searched for the win. Windis would hold on for the victory as Zagorodny and Brydges finished behind.

Manuel Ferreira (#8) and Dustin Hardy (#21) started on the front row for the final Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stock feature of the night. Hardy would take the top spot on lap one but it was short lived as Cody Payne took the spot a lap later. Payne was running quick laps as he was working to hold off Fothergill, but on lap 19 there was disaster as Jeff Ferguson (#23) blocked the leader and then squeezed him into the wall off of turn two, handing the lead to Fothergill. Payne would mount a charge again but fall just short as he would be forced to settle for runner-up ahead of Barry Watson.

Jason Lidster and Geoff Chant (#19) started on the front row for the final feature of the night, a 25 lap race for the transAxle Super Stock feature. Lidster would lead early on before Rick Verberne took the spot just before lap 10. Craziness throughout the field had fans on the edge of their seats as drivers battled very hard for spots, getting sideways on a regular basis. Contact from Jamie Klumper resulted in a blown tire for Trevor Collver, ending his strong run on lap 20 as he entered the pits. Verberne would score the victory as Jamie Klumper and Jason Lidster finished behind.

The next event at Delaware Speedway is Friday, June 22nd featuring the Case ’N Drum Oil Late  Models, Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks, a King of the Hill Spectators Race, plus a combination non-points showdown event for the Demar Aggregates Trucks and Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks. Racing begins at 7:30pm, advance tickets are available on

Ryan Dyson – DelawareSpeedway PR

Photos by Dave Franks Photography



Top 10 report:

TransAxle Super Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #51 Matt Robblee; 2. #9 Andrew Ferreira; 3. #55 Gary Adriaensen; 4. #39 David McCullough; 5. #21 Rick Verberne; 6. #07 Jamie Klumper; 7. #1 Trevor Collver; 8. #16 Kathleen Green; 9. #93 Gary Zwygers; 10. #14 Brittany Beatty

Feature 2: 1. #21 Rick Verberne; 2. #07 Jamie Klumper; 3. #11 Jason Lidster; 4. #55 Gary Adriaensen; 5. #39 David McCullough; 6. #9 Andrew Ferreira; 7. #51 Matt Robblee; 8. #93 Gary Zwygers; 9. #19 Geoff Chant; 10. #16 Kathleen Green

Demar Aggregates Trucks:

Feature 1: 1. #77 Tom Zagorodny; 2. #55 Mickey Brydges; 3. #29 Rob Windis; 4. #1 Jim Wiersma; 5. #44 Jacob Cambell; 6. #66 Lucas Manning; 7. #15 Will Marche; 8. #71 Connor Van Steensel;

Feature 2: 1. #29 Rob Windis; 2. #77 Tom Zagorodny; 3. #55 Mickey Brydges; 4. #44 Jacob Cambell; 5. #1 Jim Wiersma; 6. #66 Lucas Manning; 7. #71 Connor Van Steensel; 8. #15 Will Marche;

Doxtator Property Maintenance V8 Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #33 Paul Fothergill; 2. #45 Barry Watson; 3. #11 Jeremy Taggart; 4. #00 Cody Payne; 5. #810 Kyle Mezenberg; 6. #21 Dustin Hardy; 7. #8 Manny Ferreira; 8. #51 Angela Grover; 9. #23 Jeff Ferguson; 10. #28 Steve Aubertin

Feature 2: 1. #33 Paul Fothergill; 2. #00 Cody Payne; 3. #45 Barry Watson; 4. #11 Jeremy Taggart; 5. #810 Kyle Mezenberg; 6. #21 Dustin Hardy; 7. #8 Manuel Ferreira; 8. #23 Jeff Ferguson; 9. #51 Angela Grover; 10. #28 Steve Aubertin