Lawrence Brothers Steal the Show at Delaware


Delaware Speedway returned to weekly competition after all the local series took a week off to allow the ISMA Supermodifieds to take centre stage. The Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE Late Models, TransAxle Super Stocks, and Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks were on the card for $5 students night featuring an autograph session.

Group qualifying would set the starting lineups as per the weekly itinerary, with the Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks up first. Jeremiah Rabideau (#4) set the quickest time with a 24.241 ahead of Bill Brekelmans (#007) and Craig Cole (#55). The Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE late Models saw Jesse Kennedy go to the top of the board in the final seconds with a time of 19.549, just beating Scott O’Connor (#23) by a mere 0.006 seconds. Matt Robblee (#510 was fastest in TransAxle Super Stock qualifying, running a 20.554 lap time as Gary Adriaensen (#55) and Jamie Klumper (#07) rounded out the top three.

The opening race of the evening was a 25 lap affair for the Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks. Chris Medlinger (#75) started on the pole for the event but trouble would ensue early as Nic Drope (#23) was sent hard to the inside wall. Kyle Neumeister (#192) led the early portion of the race as he pulled out to a sizeable lead over second place runner Chris Medlinger. Drivers battled each other and their cars as most of the field was sliding around on what appeared to be a fairly green race track. A late race caution for a spin by David Rockwood (#60) reset the field for a restart, but Neumeister would go uncontested for the win.

The Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE Late Models were up next with their opening 25 lap feature race as Scott O’Conner started on the pole. Jesse Kennedy slipped up in turn one allowing Jo Lawrence (#24) to make the pass for second. On lap eight, Kennedy would make the pass for the lead, shuffling O’Connor all the way back to fourth. Lawrence began to look all over the track for a way around Kennedy as 10 to go approached. The front four cars separated themselves from the rest of the field and had a battle for the ages as they ran nose to tail and side by side under a blanket before the caution flag came out on lap 20 for a multi-car spin on the back straightaway by Tate O’Leary (#28) and Bob Miller (#74). The restart saw Jo Lawrence power to the lead on the high side and hold off Jake Sheridan (#52) for his first career Late Model win. O’Connor, Kennedy, and Lloyd Rawlings (#69) rounded out the top five.

The final feature of the first round was the TransAxle Super Stocks as Andrew Ferreira (#9) and Rick Verberne (#21) led the field to life. The field battled hard in typical Super Stock fashion as Gary Adriaensen worked his way into the top three. Adriaensen would take the lead on lap 14 and begin to stretch his legs on the field. A caution came out on lap 21 as Jason Lidster went around in turn one, setting up for a mad dash to the end. Adriaensen was able to hold on for the victory as Ferreira and Matt Robble rounded out the podium. 

After a brief intermission the Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks returned to action with an inverted starting lineup that saw Nathan Rhea (#26) on the pole. Giis Ruiter (#76) took the lead early as the field ran three wide five rows deep behind in super speedway pack racing fashion. The pack would run into trouble on lap three when Kassy Howard (#59) was squeezed into the outside wall, resulting in Don Tomlinson (#2) pounding the inside wall and Howard coming to rest under the scoreboard. Kris Lawrence (#59L) took the lead after the restart before big troubles off of turn two when several cars tangled including David Rockwood, Chris Radder, Nathan Rhea and a few others. The yellow was shown again on lap six as Chris Radder was stopped on the inside line of turn two. Lawrence held off a charge from Jeremiah Rabideau before David Rockwood was put into the wall on the front straightaway, tearing up his #60 machine as he almost went on his lid. Lawrence would begin to open up a sizeable lead after the restart before a disastrous crash took place on the back straightaway has Mike Mitchell (#80) and Dave Chant (#19) hit the infield entrance and went airborne. Both drivers were okay and able to walk away from the scary incident. Kris Lawrence would go on to score the victory as Jeremiah Rabideau and Bill Brekelmans rounded out the podium.

The Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE Late Models finished off their night with another 25 lap race as Kevin Lay (#5) led the field to green. Lay would lead the opening 10 circuits as the field raced nose to tail behind with Rawlings and O’Connor trailing. Jo Lawrence would make ground on the high side before being shuffled back as Rawlings was pushed to the high side in front of him. On lap 11, contact from Scott O’Connor sent the race leader around, bringing out the caution and sending both cars to the rear. Jo Lawrence would use the restart to take the lead on the high side as Jesse Kennedy followed through for second. A caution would reset the field on lap 14 but it would not deny Jo Lawrence from the sweep as he took off and returned to victory lane for the second time of the night. Jesse Kennedy and Scott O’Connor would round out the top three spots.

The program for June 8th finish up with the TransAxle Super Stocks and a final 25 lap event. Jason Lidster and Kathleen Green (#16) led the field to green but it was disaster right away as Green would go up in smoke with an apparent engine issue. After the restart, Rick Verberne would emerge with the race lead and open up a gap as those behind battled side by side. Matt Robblee would throw it under Verberne on lap 16 to take the lead but Verberne would immediately begin to try to get it back. Verberne would make use of a bump and run to score the win, his first career victory in the Super Stock division as Robblee and McCullough finished behind.

Next week the action continues with the TransAxle Super Stocks, Demar Aggregates Trucks, and Doxtator Property maintenance V8 Stocks. Advance tickets are available on


Ryan Dyson – Delaware Speedway PR

Photos by Dave Franks Photography



Top 10 report:

Case ’N Drum Oil/MRE Late Models:

Feature 1: 1. #24 Jo Lawrence; 2. #52 Jake Sheridan; 3. #23 Scott O’Connor; 4. #10 Jesse Kennedy; 5. #69 Lloyd Rawlings; 6. #13 Jaden Chapman; 7. #5 Kevin Lay; 8. #31 Chris Hebert; 9. #74 Bob Miller; 10. #28 Tate O’Leary

Feature 2: 1. #24 Jo Lawrence; 2. #10 Jesse kennedy; 3. #23 Scott O’Connor; 4. #52 Jake Sheridan; 5. #69 Lloyd Rawlings; 6. #13 Jaden Chapman; 7. #5 Kevin Lay; 8. #31 Chris Hebert; 9. #28 Tate O’Leary; 10. #74 Bob Miller

TransAxle Super Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #55 Gary Adriaensen; 2. #9 Andrew Ferreira; 3. #51 Matt Robblee; 4. #1 Trevor Collver; 5. #39 David McCullough; 6. #93 Gary Zwygers; 7. #07 Jamie Klumper; 8. #21 Rick Verberne; 9. #16 Kathleen Green; 10. #11 Jason Lidster

Feature 2: 1. #21 Rick Verberne; 2. #51 Matt Robblee; 3. #39 David McCullough; 4. #1 Trevor Collver; 5. #55 Gary Adriaensen; 6. #9 Andrew Ferreira; 7. #07 Jamie Klumper; 8. #11 Jason Lidster; 9. #93 Gary Zwygers; 10. #14 Brittany Beatty

D.A.D.S. Bone Stocks:

Feature 1: 1. #192 Kyle Neumeister; 2. #75 Chris Medlinger; 3. #007 Bill Brekelmans; 4. #4 Jeremiah Rabideau; 5. #87 Mike Ebert; 6. #59L Kris Lawrence; 7. #55 Craig Cole; 8. #51 Derek Moesker; 9. #73 Jordan Morris; 10. #7 Brent Pellt

Feature 2: 1. #59L Kris Lawrence; 2. #4 Jeremiah Rabideau; 3. #007 Bill Brekelmans; 4. #87 Mike Ebert; 5. #73 Jordan Morris; 6. #51 Derek Moesker; 7. #03 Matt Langford; 8. #36 Brian Brooks; 9. #7 Brent Pelly; 10. #10 Kris Fairweather