Kyle Edwards Victorious in ISMA Supermodifieds


The month of June brings many exciting things to Delaware Speedway, with the ISMA Supermodifieds, the 800+ horsepower winged rocket ships deemed the world’s most powerful short track cars, kicking-off their season on June 1st at the historic half-mile. It was not an earthquake nor a demolition of a building, but rather the cars and stars of the ISMA Supermodifieds doing battle that shook the earth beneath us.

The Ontario Pro Challenge Series started off the evening with a 20 lap feature race as Ken MacLennan (#5) rolled off from the pole position. Mike Johnson (#2) took the race lead early until the caution flag came out on lap three for a spin by points leader Bryan Stevanus (#33). Tim Norris (#88) took the lead on the restart as Sean Warren (#20) followed through behind. Norris would go on to win the feature with Warren and Johnson rounding out the podium spots.

Steve Trendell (#57) started on the pole for the first Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modified feature as Darren Dryden (#12) rolled off from the high side. The battle ensued behind as TJ Marshall (#15) worked his way past Dryden and Mike Podd (#5). After the halfway point, Marshall began to pressure for the lead as the front two battled each other and the track as they slipped around the corners each lap. Trendell would hold on to the spot by half a car length and score the victory with Mike Todd finishing behind the two.

The earth shaking monsters that are the ISMA Supermodifieds took to the track for three heat races, all 10 laps in distance. The first heat saw Jim Paller (#64) on the pole but the lead was quickly taken by Mike Muldoon (#10). Paller would take the lead back with just two to go and score the victory. Moe Lilje (#74) started on the pole for heat race two with the Delaware Speedway defending race winner, Mark Sammut (#78) on the high side. Sammut would take the lead off the start and not look back as he ran laps as fast as 15.8 seconds to score the win over Mike Ordway Jr. (#61) and Moe Lilje. Heat three saw Talon Stephens (#30) on the pole beside Kyle Edwards (#11). Trent Stephens (#19) moved into the second spot early but would not be able to catch Edwards as he went on to score the victory with Mike Lichty (#84) finishing third.

The final feature for the Ontario Pro Challenge Series saw Brian Stevanus on pole alongside Ken MacLennan. The caution would be displayed on lap two for a spin by MacLennan, setting up a restart. The restart saw Rick Seeley take the lead but it was short lived before Tim Norris took the spot. The caution was displayed again on lap 10 for a spin by Sean Warren while he was battling in the top three. Tim Norris would go on to win the race as Sean Warren and Brian Stevanus finished behind.

The Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds wrapped up their night with another 20 lap feature race. Jeremy Barton started on pole and would lead the field to the green flag. Darren Dryden took the lead off the start, but TJ Marshall would advance past him on lap three. Steve Trendell pressured Mike Podd for the second spot for numerous laps around the halfway point, but he would slow after a little bit of bumper contact on lap 15. Marshall would score the win over Podd and Dryden.

The 50 lap main event for the methanol burning ISMA Supermodifieds began with Jim Paller on the pole as he led a field of 18 strong to life off of turn four. Moe Lilje took the race lead early as the sparks flew underneath the cars trailing behind. The first caution flag came out on lap eight as Mike Muldoon had a problem and pounded the turn three wall. The caution flag would come out once again on lap nine for a two car crash in turn three including Dave Duggan (#51) and Rich Reid (#55). The race lead would change hands on lap 12 as Kyle Edwards took over the spot.

Mark Sammut joined the top five on lap 19 as several drivers were charging from deep in the field. Mike Lichty made a pass to get into a podium spot on lap 24 as Edwards continued to lead the race. Mike Ordway Jr. joined the top five on lap 31, putting Sammut outside the top five. The caution flag would be displayed on lap 32 after Jim Paller went around in turn two, setting up for a wild restart. Mike Lichty moved to the second spot on lap 36 after coming from the 12th starting spot. A caution on lap 39 tightened the field up and allowed Mike Lichty to give a run on Edwards, but with no prevail. One last caution on lap 44 set up a six lap dash that saw Kyle Edwards score the victory over Lichty, Tim Jedrzejek (#97), Ordway Jr., and Trent Stephens.

The action at Delaware Speedway continues next week, June 8th with the Case ’N Drum Oil Late Models, TransAxle Super Stocks, and Discounted Autoparts Depot and Supply Bone Stocks returning to the track for another full night of points racing. Tickets are available on, the event starts at 7:30pm.


Ryan Dyson – Delaware Speedway PR

Photos by Jim Feeney


Top 10 Report:

ISMA Supermodifieds:

Feature: 1. #11 Kyle Edwards; 2. #84 Mike Lichty; 3. #97 Tim Jedrzejek; 4. #61 Mike Ordway Jr.; 5. #19 Trent Stephens; 6. #22 Mike McVetta; 7. #78 Mark Sammut; 8. #74 Moe Lilje; 9. #25 Dan Bowes; 10. #64 Jim Paller;

Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds:

Feature 1: 1. #57 Steve Trendell; 2. #15 TJ Marshall; 3. #5 Mike Podd; 4. #12 Darren Dryden; 5. #84 Jeremy Barton; 6. #03 Bob Gilbert; 7. #80 Amanda Stoner

Feature 2: 1. #15 TJ Marshall; 2. 5 Mike Podd; 3. #12 Darren Dryden; 4. 84 Jeremy Barton; 5. #57 Steve Trendell; 6. #80 Amanda Stoner; 7. #03 Bob Gilbert

Ontario Pro Challenge Series:

Feature 2: 1. #88 Tim Norris; 2. #20 Sean Warren; 3. #2 Mike Johnson; 4. #8 Peter Hatin; 5. #16 Rick Seeley; 6. #5 Kenny MacLennan; 7. #17 Mike Norris; 8. #33 Brian Stevanus

Feature 2: 1. #88 Tim Norris; 2. #20 Sean Warren; 3. #33 Brian Stevanus; 4. #Rick Seeley; 5. #8 Peter Hatin; 6. #2 Mike Johnson; 7. #5 Kenny MacLennen; 8. #17 Mike Norris