Junior Racing League – June 13th Recap


Wednesday night proved to be a clean night of racing, resulting in some of the best racing we have seen all year.  Our night started with the 53 of Kara Martin leading the juniors to the green flag for their 10 lap heat to set their feature line up, quickly on lap 2 Rhett Mantik piloted his 22 into the top spot.  The caution flag flew on lap 5 for a spin and it flew again on lap 8.  Lap 9 saw a lead change once again as Cody Wilds raced his way through the pack to take the lead and win the race.  Next on the card was the first of 2 25 lap features for the seniors, this saw the 21 of Logan White start on the pole and stay there for the rest of the race, the 43 of Carson Sim and the 3 of Shane Jacobs rounded out the top 3.  The first mini truck feature was 20 laps long and saw the 85 of Ethan Ward lead the field to the green, very quickly Jacob Campbell shot passed the 85 and was first across the wire on lap 1.  This race ran clean until lap 16 when the caution flag flew for a spin, the rest of the race ran smoothly and was won by the 49 of Hayden Sim who took the lead on lap 10 and never looked back. The second round of racing was just as good as the first, with the 14 of Cody Wilds moving into the lead on lap 6 and he never looked back winning in convincing fashion, followed by the 53 of Kara Martin and the 19 of Micheal Verberne.  The senior feature was lead to the green by the 48 of Connor Ellis, but he was quickly passed by the 3 of Shane Jacobs, Jacobs held onto the top spot until lap 5 when he was passed by the 21 of Logan White who held on to win.  By lap 8 the field had dwindled to 3 cars resulting in the officials shortening the race to 15 laps, but that proved to have no affect of Logan’s ability  to win as he has been victorious in all of the senior races.  The final race of the night was the mini truck 20 lap feature which saw the 44 of Jacob Campbell win his first feature of the season, this race ran green the opening lap to the checkered flag, Hayden Sim ran second and the 85 of Ethan Ward rounded out the top 3.

Something new and exciting from this Wednesday was the use of the Krown Rust Control JRL pace car, this car made its first of many appearances this season and it will even be seen around the track on some Friday nights.  A big shout out to all of our extra volunteers who stepped up to help make this week possible even after a few of our regulars were unable to attend!
Current Points:
Mini Trucks:
Team Points:
Mater: 751
Lightning McQueen:672
Chick Hicks:576