JRL Recap – June 6th Racing


Last night proved to be an exciting night of Krown Junior Racing League Racing.  The night started off with a 10 lap junior heat won in convincing fashion by the 14 of Cody Wilds.  This race would set the starting order for the junior feature.  From there we moved to the first of two senior features which was fairly quiet until lap 21 when the 48 car of Connor Ellis hit the tires along pit road, the driver was ok and he was able to drive away.  Logan White, driver of the 21 was victorious at the end of the 25 lap feature.  Early on in the mini truck race, the 85 of Ethan Ward hit the wall just before the start finish line, that hit looked much worse than it was as Ward was able to drive away and continue the rest of the race, which was won by the 49 of Hayden Sim.  The junior feature was quite eventful with a few spins, the 51 of Brayden Martin bumping into the tires just around the first turn and the 19 of Michael Verberne went through one side of the ditch and out the other just past the S turn.  Due to time restraints and all of the action, drivers were checkered off after 14 laps, with the win going to Cody Wilds.  The second senior feature was a quiet race with the 23 of Brent Small spinning early on, Logan white piloted his 21 to victory lane again winning his second feature of the night.  The final feature of the night, was the mini trucks 15 lap shoot, originally this race was supposed to be 25 laps but after losing 2 trucks to mechanical issues, officials opted to change it to make the racing more exciting and that it was, Jacob Campbell’s 44 led the field to the green which is where Jacob stayed until lap 14 when Hayden Sim slid into the top spot and held on to win, marking his second win of the night.

Wednesday night marked the first night of team racing, where each time is a mix of juniors, seniors and mini trucks, this is in an attempt to build a greater sense of community at the track.


Hannah Whitworth

Delaware Speedway JRL Rep



Team points are posted below, and individual points will be finished this weekend.

Team 1: 330

Team 2: 379

Team 3: 322

Team 4: 287