2018 Rule Books


Delaware Speedway is happy to release the 2018 rule books for the Super Stock, Truck, V8 Stock, and Bone Stock divisions. Below are some highlights with updated rules:

Super Stocks:

  • Front load bolts are permitted
  • 6000 rev chip
  • AFC 10 series outboard shocks part #1075-9, 1074-12, 1074-10 will be permitted in the front only



  • Minimum height rule updated
  • Rear track width wording corrected


Bone Stocks:

  • Right Rear minivan hub from 1988-2005 Dodge Grand Caravan permitted
  • Only 4 cylinder cars that are front wheel drive with a maximum 2.8 litre engine and 180 horsepower or less are permitted
  • Transition from driver points to a owner points system, allowing multiple drivers to score points for one car
  • Updated camber rules for all four wheels
  • No pre-tech after first event unless crash repairs have been done or asked by tech staff
  • Side rub rails (Steel or plastic) are now permitted
  • Updates to the claim rule



  • Neck restraint mandatory for Late Models, Super Stocks and all drivers under the age of 18. They are also highly recommended in other divisions.
  • Neck support collar mandatory if restraint system is not used in all classes outside of Late Model and Super Stock
  • American Racer AR970 tires will become the spec tire in Late Models, Super Stocks, Trucks, and V8 Stocks


For a complete look at the rule books please click here – note that 2018 registration forms can also be found on that page.