Delaware Speedway iceMaker Enduro 150 Event Details


Delaware Speedway is excited to release information on its final event of the 2017 racing season, the iceMaker Enduro 150. The event is scheduled for October 14th and will feature four and six cylinder cars racing in a modern version of the classic Enduro which peaked in the 1990’s. One of the highlights in the format is the use of the red flag/green flag system where there are no caution flags. Race vehicles will not be left on the track if they are stalled, crashed or otherwise not capable of competing in an effort to maintain strong car counts across the province for racing event such as this.

The event is open to any 4 or 6 cylinder car that meets their home track rule book in Ontario. Vehicles must also have DOT tires rather than racing tires.

The race will allow any four or six cylinder vehicle that meets minimum safety requirements to race in the 150 lap event. Prior to the race drivers will be split into groups for qualifying sessions where they will attempt to register their fastest lap time. Following qualifying drivers will be slotted into a group with cars that are of a similar speed. The race will begin with the slowest bracket of drivers on the track taking the green flag while all other groups remain on pit road. Groups will be released onto the track to join the race at an allocated time which will be predetermined to allow for a competitive race throughout. Drivers that run a lap .3 seconds or more faster than their qualifying lap will be black flagged and must serve a drive through penalty down pit road at pit road speed.

This unique event format will see some of the top drivers having to race from behind while others begin the race in their own bracket. The groups will be released from pit road at intervals that are fair and will provide adequate time for them to make their way into a competitive position by the end of the race. The event was designed for racers and will also offer a unique experience for race fans as they watch several battles within one race.

A fuel stop at lap 80 will provide an opportunity for drivers to be cycled back around to the tail end of the field for the restart, which will see all cars on the track. As an added incentive for the drivers that start ahead, payouts on laps 40 and 80 for the race leader will offer a unique challenge as they work to maintain their position while offering an extra challenge to those working their way through the field.

Entry into the iceMaker 150 at Delaware Speedway is $100 – this enters the vehicle into the event. Pit access for the event will be $20 for drivers and crew.



Please contact Delaware Speedway either by email or phone with: Name, Car Number, Email, Credit Card Number & expiry date


Event purse breakdown:

Winner – 50% of entry fees ($2500 based on 50 entries)

2nd – 20% ($1000 based on 50 entries)

Lap 40 leader – 5% ($250 based on 50 entries)

Lap 80 leader – 5% ($250 based on 50 entries)

Remaining 20% of payout will be distributed evenly to positions 3 – 20 ($55 based on 50 entries)