September 30th Demolition Derby Rules and Notes


Demolition Derby (September 30th, 2017) RULES and PURSE:

Delaware Speedway is excited to release details for its upcoming Demolition Derby, part of the Pumpkin Smasher event on Saturday, September 30th.


General rules:

  • Drivers must be 16 years of age or older to participate in the event
  • A helmet, eye protection, seat belts, and full clothing including gloves is mandatory
  • Vehicles must be from 1980 or newer. Compact or midsize 4 or 6 cylinder front wheel drive vehicles are permitted – no wagons, 4×4, trucks, or vans
  • All glass must be removed as well as all flammable interior panels from the vehicle
  • Antifreeze is not permitted, water must be used in the vehicle
  • The stock fuel tank must be removed and replaced with a CSA approved marine tank or similar, mounted securely inside the car on the floor in front of the rear axle
  • The battery must be installed beside the driver on the floor. The battery must be secured and covered
  • Original bumpers must be on the vehicle. The bumpers may be seam welded, however can not be reenforced
  • There is to be no welding on suspension parts of the vehicle
  • Doors and trunk must be welded, chained, or bolted shut. The hood is to be pinned with a 12 inch hole open in the centre
  • Fenders may be minimally altered or cut to allow for clearance
  • A plate in the outside of the drivers door is recommended. The plate can be a maximum of 18” tall, 5’ long, and 1/4” thick (plywood is allowed inside)
  • The drivers door must be painted white
  • An electric fuel pump shutoff switch must be mounted on the roof directly behind the drivers head
  • Front cowel support bar must be installed from door post to door post and an upright to the roof in front of the driver. A rear cross bar should be added directly behind the drivers seat


Rules are subject to change at anytime, Delaware Speedway would notify pre-entered drivers in this situation. Pre-entry form must be emailed by September 29th at 12:00pm. Entry into the event is $100, this includes 4 people with the car into the infield for the event.


Event Purse:

Under 8 entries: 8 or more entries
1st – Trophy and $750 1st – Trophy and $1500
2nd – Trophy and $250 2nd – Trophy and $500
3rd – Trophy and $150 3rd – Trophy and $300
Best Appearing – Trophy and $50 Best Appearing – Trophy and $100


2017 Demolition Derby Registration:

Please send the following information to prior to September 29th to reserve your spot:

Driver name:

Date of Birth:

Drivers License Number:




Telephone Number:

Email Address:

Emergency Contact (Name and Phone Number):

Vehicle Make:

Vehicle Model:

Vehicle Race Number:

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