Late Model Rule Information


Delaware Speedway is excited to have the Late Model division return as a weekly class again in the 2017 season. The rules for the series will allow a wide range of drivers to participate, while maintaining a structure that benefits the drivers and the race fans.


The 2017 APC Series rule book will be used (Click here to see), with the following amendments made to it:

1) Hoosier 890 tires will be used and will be available from the track exclusively. A Tire inventory will be in effect

2) Tread width will be adjusted to account for the smaller tire. An exact measurement to will be available soon and be based from outside wheel flange instead of tire sidewall

3) Pump fuel only will be used, maximum 94 octane

4) 604 engines will run an Allstar 1/2 inch restrictor plate with 1.100 insert and 650 carburetor

5) 602 crate engines will run a 1 inch spacer, 650 carburetor, and have no restrictor

6) Track width: 78” inch maximum measured from outside to outside of wheel rim edge measured at spindle height.



All Cars  =  2800lbs

Straight   +15lbs

Engine set back   +15lbs


The series will have a 10 race points fund, to be announced in the coming weeks. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Russ Urlin at:

Registration for the series is open, with a registration form available on under Race Info, or by clicking HERE. Drivers are encouraged to register before April 1st to save.